Im a f***** up individual

Im young, attractive, lesbian. people hire me to b there personal trainer. what they dont know is im extremely f***** up. for one i have a disorder called "trich", luckily its not too extreme u cant really tell. im in to my appearance way more than i should. i may even b narcissitic. american psycho minus the murder. people look at me and think damn shes lucky...she has a great life shes hot, she can get anybody she wants. but the problem is im waiting to snap. i dont know what could happen i just hope i get better rather than worse.

Jul 26, 2010

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  • schizophrenia. its real. get checked out

  • You have an STD, not disorder. That doesn'tmake you f***** up, it does make you dumb if you keep f****** around until you cure it.

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