F****** summer.

I liked this boy FOREVER. and. Ever. His name is 'D'. I meet him last summmmmmmer. AND he was a compelte ass hole when school started than this summer we got back into contact and he is like bitter sweet. then i like this black dude that want to have doggy s** with me and has the perfect personallty but, he is black. and like i dont want to be but i find him REALLY ugly and gross. then there is this other dude, that im currently dating. I meet him on a game site. Fagilious. like it is hardly considered s*** because like, f***, we hardly talk. but he is really cute and the best out of 'D'. 'G' AND he is 'L' yup. f*** me? you know. just how about not.

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  • You need to do everything possible to f*** D

  • I'm going to jack my fuccckin d*** in u b****

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