Weird-ass fantasies...

When I was little I wanted to be kidnapped. I'd try to lose my parents in stores and hope some guy would lead me to his car. Then I got older and wanted to be kidnapped and raped and beaten up. F***, it makes no sense. Why would anybody want to be kept as a s** slave? Yet I have dreams about all this and wake up h****. I want to be chained up in a basement. I want to be blindfolded and gagged and f*****. I want to have the s*** beat out of me when I try to fight back. I wish I could stop thinking about this all the f****** time. Damn, where are the psychopaths in my area? Just come and f****** take me already.

The really fun part about this is that I'm a guy.

Aug 6, 2010

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  • Find your local BDSM community. They will help you live out this fantasy safely.

  • Find your local BDSM community. They will help you play out this fantasy in a safe way.

  • Imma girl and I have the have the IDENTICAL fantasy.

  • hm. im a girl, and my assumption is that for most girls (including myslef) this would be a horrible nightmare. but i must admit that there is something somewhat attractive about this (except for the hitting part).

  • Hahahahahahahahah! I was with you until you said guy..

  • oh my god.. LOL

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