I'm a middle class mom...but s**** some of the richest men in the world....

I have a fantasy of seeing high profile & sucessful men naked...and pleasuring me...even when they "think" they are using ME. I lure them in, seduce them, and watch them get completely smitten...some of them spoil me with lots of cash, some give me elaborate gifts. Some just want me over and over again.

But the strangest thing is...I am an ordinary middle class mom...come from a conservative family, and no one would EVER guess. No, no one would guess I got with the CEO of honewell aerospace...or a top partner with Playboy magazine, or renowned investment advisors. How do I get them? Various ways, but it takes someone intelligent. All these men are intelligent and too busy for girlfriends...I give them what they want, and they in turn fufil my fantasies and give me nice bonuses. The great part is...these men think they are adding me as another notch in their bedpost...when they are unaware that they have been hunted and are my prey. It must be a power thing...and I love it....

Aug 16, 2010

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