Short Skirts

I'm wearing a short skirt and showing off my thong purposely today so that I can feel the attention that I crave.

Aug 16, 2010

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  • Do you know that type of skirt you show your knees but not too much if your thighs? Nice and loose so when it moves you show some thigh? Not too opaque so your panty lines are not fully visible but noticeable? That's what I wear to work to my husband's prompt. I work in a small office. We are 8 people total. The four partners and a co-worker are men, the receptionist, a co-worker and I are women. My husband also advises me to show some cleavage, he says I have a pretty freckled chest.

  • mom?

  • I wear a short skirt often myself but alas, I got caught this morning by my boss. He called me into his office and proceeded to ask me blatantly why I never told hime I had a c***...I was so humiliated! He then asked me out. I believe I am going to have to find another job.

  • So do I. Sometimes I go commando. Just the greates turn on to watch a guy squirm as he can't take his eyes off your s*****. I just love doing it to older guys, so proper, and such pervs. I'm sure they aren't getting any and they've forgotten what it looks like. Reach up, reach far, twirl to get up, get in or out of the car, and they freeze and stare.

  • you are not craving for attention..but craving for d***..lady

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