S** with neighbour, how!

A S** confession

I am i 14yr boy. and i wanna have s** with some on, i have thought of everything and have narrowed it down the our neighbours house, lets call her sue, i want to some how convince her discretly to having s** with me. maby i could say that here cat was in our yard, and i bought it to her, but walked into here while sh was in shower, or if i helped her in garden (i somtimes do) and when we finished and she says "i think i will go have a shower" i will say, "do you want some help" and if she thinks that i am gross then i can easly make a excuse like "no, i mean next weekend on the garden". so yea, she is about 30 or so, and she has no husband and lives alone. and i have wanted to have s** with someone like her, but i dont know how to tell her in a way that if it goes bad, i can make a valid excuse thats actually beliveable.

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  • she is a pedophile AND a cougar. i reccomend you stay away, as the combination adds up to bad things happening to u. get a girlfriend, only hav s** with her if u truly love her, and don't bother with a loser cougar. i mean, 30 year old women with a 20 year old man seems ok, but at 14 shes just sick. dont trust her.

  • Keep your pants zipped until you are at least 21. Perhaps by then you may have enough sense to use birth control (using a rubber is not all bad). Commentor number one, please learn to spell and improve your grammar!

  • Yeah.... you are 14 and she is 30. That would be illegal.

    You will have s** when you are ready.

  • Cougar-rific!

  • dude calm down! Get off your old ass neighbor lady. If she does except your offer to have s** that makes her a pedifile... Wait until your at least 16 and have s** with someone your age!

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