S** On The Boss's Desk

So a few months back I got the feeling I was gonna get laid off from work. It took a few months for it to happen but I saw the writing on the wall. He is an idiot and cannot manage his company well at all.

So since I had the feeling I decided that I would do a preemptive strike and s**** my wife on his desk. I had a good time and we put his stuff back exactly where it was thanks to a camera phone.

Whenever I went into his office till I got laid off I kept thinking I did my wife on your desk right there. He is a loser and even better I managed his entire website since I do SEO I took out all the information that will run his site and took out his entire blog. Since when he laid me off he spent the entire night before changing all the passwords. So I got a little revenge before he fired me.

Aug 21, 2010

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  • Thats OK he has f***** your wife on his desk to.

  • It's not real revenge unless he knows!!!!

  • what would have been better is f****** his wife on his desk then leaving a picture from the camera phone on it hahaha now thats what i call revenge.

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