What t h*** is wrong with ya guys!!!

I have no confession to make but i just wannet to tell all of ya who write these stupid ass b**** confessions of; My oncle n i, my brother n i, my mother n i...you really should all go n see a doctor..youre fantasies r way 2 gross n their polluting my mind..stop all your bullshit n grow up!!!

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  • I posted this "confession"..well just that ya all know it i'm from germany n i know i cant write perfect english but at least ya could understand what i wanted( is this better for YOU)to say..and when i start reading those confessions i dont end them you j***!(first anon.)..but like every person i also have an imagination..so get off my shoulders!!!

  • Perverts, duh. WELCOME! Confessionspost
    is easy access into pervs minds and pants! :) free m*********** ideas, 'help' and a guide on how to become a pervert yourself! Best of luck you sillys! Don't muck up your keybord too much! :)

  • I agree with you I think that this site has a lot of sexual stores, lies really but I would also agree that you don't have to read them. Then again this is confessionspost and you have a right to vent like everyone else.. Just next time I would recommed spelling better. You won't get picked on as much. :) best of luck in perhapes finding a better site suited for you.. Or maybe asking this site for a childrens/clean catagory? Something better suited, but that's the sites job to clean these up.

  • Don't dirty kids minds with your cursing and wretched spelling. :)

  • W3 dnt tlk lke dis, just so you know. Stop
    polluting this site with boring complants about s** 'stories' what have you. When you can't even spell. Sure it's gross occionally, great. Don't read them or go back to Disney channel magazines

  • Grow up and leant how to spell. :) cheers

  • If you want to stop the pollution of your mind,STOP reading the damn confessions!

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