I had s** with a guy id only know for a few days

I met this guy a few weeks ago and we got drunk and kinda fooled around but didnt have s**. Like three days later we met at his house to "watch a movie" but we ended up having s**. Id never done anything like that before but it just happened. I really like him and were still talking and stuff but im afraid i might be pregnant. Im only 17. I think im just paranoid cause there is no way i can be pregnant. He wore a condom and didnt even "finish" inside me. Ive noticed i got fatter since then but that could be because i went on a fast food binge a week ago while i was on vacation or it could just be that im bloated because im about to start my period. I also pee alot, but i normally pee alot so i dont know if im just noticing this because im afraid i can be pregnant or what. Ive also been having real bad cramps which is not typically normal for me during my period. I need someone elses opinion in case im just in denial. I cant talk to any of my friends about it cause they wont inderstand and all theyll do is judge me. Someone please give me some advice

Sep 1, 2010

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  • Umm if you're having your period, you're NOT prego.

  • You are indeed pregnant.

  • youre totally pregnant.

  • Make an appointment to see a doctor, or call a medical help line, or check out a free clinic - the important thing is, get a trusted medical opinion. If you're pregnant, you need to be taking the right care of yourself. Hope things will go well for you!

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