I am 22 yo guy..Its just s** all the time on my mind, i can't help it, wake up in the morn having s** in my mind...during work, during sports, washroom, grocery store, public place, driving, washroom, bed, watching tv, computer, kitchen, just s** and s** and s**....i can go on and on and on...i can't helpit either....i have a gf, we f*** a lot , but still its not going away, recently i have had s** with my 43yo aunt...still its not fading away...she told me its normal at this age...but with this much intensity?????.....i don't know how to deal with it.....s** s** s** s** s** s** all the time on my brain....am i sick or watt???????????

Sep 17, 2010

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  • I do not what they call it now a days ...but in my day , it was called p**** brain...you are a weak willed p**** brain j*** off.....an easy mark for any woman...what a sad life you must lead....being lead around by your c*** by any woman who gives you a little...what a shame

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