Life At 23 Years Old....God Bless You

Im still figuring life out as I type this post. Im in College still trying to graduate. I hope to have a job when I graduate, life is sort of rough nowadays, with the economy and life in general. I sometimes wish I can go back to younger days.They where so much better and Godly than now. Im in school, tired of being judged by people, they think Im gay, never been gay. I just dont understand people sometimes, just pray for them. I guess if you're not sleeping around, getting drunk and doing drugs,"" you're not normal. Writting this letter will help relieve my mind. I have lost friends because of their jealous way. If I see them we have conversations and thats it. I feel like I am on planet by myself sometimes.I dont have many friends. Sometimes I want to seek revenge of people that talk negative of me, like KILL them.Im learning that the 'good old days are so far gone, thats what it seems. College work is a real brain teaser, just wondering when I get outta college, what about the information I learned, when the world is constanly changing. Im a black female, rare too, Im really a wonderful,postive,and loving person,really am. My family is not close as we should be. That really bothers me & my mom alot.I pray everyday and night to God to let his will be done in my life and help me out. I really like expressing myself this way.I guess somethings you brings on your own, its not how you start but how you finish. When I find myself having a bad day,I always remember this scripture,"Fear Not For Thee Lord My God Is With Me" is truly helps me...Until Again God Bless

Sep 23, 2010

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