Old men, I admit we have gay b****

I was so gay, I was hurt and all I was thinking was myself, I was so selfish. I got gay b**** thinking I was the only one who was hurt. I did not have any b**** to say sorry to this girl. My old friends and I have gay b****,all we do is hired more people to be our undercover,we never turn off the hidden cam, we stalked this girl, all we are thinking is our selves, how hurt our old veins are. we have sin more which makes us so immature that until now we have no control of our selves continue sinning against this girl. we watched her naked, we don't have any respect. at first we thought this girl is sinning to us but then we realize how much we been hurting this girl for years. we have gay b****,oh well, that's us, we were not thinking so mature about who is really hurting and sinning. we are more sinning,the girl was just defending and she have the right to get angry. it was our faults...well i thought I was the only one who was feeling broken,but we sin more. I was selfish, I think for myself first I thought she was really hurting me, I was wrong. so wrong I did not feel the pain, what she went through. we watched her naked we followed her 24/7 non stop. I think sometimes we are no longer human beings. we have gay b****. I caught a whale,was so proud of it, I did not treat her like this installing hidden cam,we never drive her crazy, the whale was just so helpless,need of money,I was so hopeless and the whale was helpless. the whale kiss my ass,so I think it is pretty harmless for me that I have gay b****. the other girl we treated her so bad like a criminal, she was so hurt,we have no feeling to think or realizing that she become so numb,all she want is peace. since,we are selfish and we could give her the freedom that she want, we are planning to take out our gay b****, we might convince her to switch gender. we got gay b****. we cannot say sorry to her too. I think or we think by watching her naked in our hidden cam, she broke our ass so bad,we continue to stalked her and bother her. I think I better think better than okay. we suck! we are these bad old men,bitter in life! we can't free the girl! sad to us!


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  • That's not gay b****, that rape point blank and simple

  • Well its not all caps lock.


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