S***** Situation

I have a mole on my d***... its not incredibly gross its just like a flat mole and is like .3 cm in diameter or something (just a rough estimation) but im 14 and every time i have the chance to do something with a girl im too worried about what their reaction will be so i have toi make up some excuse. it sucks!!!

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  • LOL i'm a girl and have a mole in my bikini area, when you are having s** they won't care! plus you are young you NEED to wait

  • Thanks , I just threw up in my mouth and then some!!!... thats quite gross... Why did I click on this link????

  • You are 14 you should not be doing anything with girls. Grow up first please!


  • Get it removed surgically if its causing you that much problem

  • agreed! If it is causing you embarrassment just go to the doctor. They can remove it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hCAqQ7YH9I

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