My husband called me w****

He called me w****!!!!!!!!! you think it's fair? since we got married i didn't even look at other man! he is insulting me all the time and i think he is enjoying it! he talks wrong about my parents though he doesn't know much about them! and he thinks i have nothing to say about his parents! i respect myself that's why i will never do that! my parents taught me good manners. i can't say same about him! i don't think i am so bad and deserve all these s***! Tired of this.... swear on God! TIRED :(

Oct 12, 2010

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  • I agree with last post. He sounds like an alcoholic who blames you for his problems. Nobody needs this treatment from someone who is supposed to love them. He probably doesn't know how to love anybody. If I were you I would tell him he needs serious professional help and then leave.

  • Coming from a mans point of view, (honest man) im really sorry this happened.. He has no right to say that to you or say anything bad to your parents. What you need to do is keep a great respect for yourself, allways listen to your thoughts, and dont take negative oppinions from people. :} Maybe its time to move on, and find a new man who cares for you, and who you are.

  • LOL !!! come f*** me and we will tape it and then let him watch it . that will get him to respect u

  • i will never do that.....

  • You need to stand up against that a******, who does he think he is? He obviously needs to be put in his place and you need to be that strong confident woman to do so.

  • Thank you Joy Behar.

  • can you please tell me how to put him in his place?????? after he gets drunk he can't control his dirty mouth and sometimes something else .... :(

  • Respect your husband and all will be fine

  • shut up!!! when you will realize that you are wrong??? you don't even feel guilt!!! with proud you comment here.... shameless!!! nobody can call me w****! understood? you are lucky to have me as your wife... and never say again anything bad about my parents! they are best and i love them!!!

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