Second time lucky...i wish

Me & my boyfriend were in a relationship of 5 months and then just before summer we broke up . I can't explain how much I missed him & how much I wanted him back. September and we start talking again. And I don't understand how I coped the whole summer without him. I literally spent all my time thinking about him . Saw him once and though we didn't talk and tried to stay away drone each other I couldn't help but feel like a massive gap was closed. We started talking just before school and within two weeks we were going back out. It was better than before I had no regrets but now I don't know. When Im with him I'm the happiest I can be but when I'm alone I think It was one of the worse things & that I shouldn't of got back with him . And then on top of thatme and his bestfriend get on so well and cos of last time he caused us to break up. He got a bit too jealous and it got taken out on me, he even tried to stop us from talkin. And now I barely talk to him and I miss him but I don't know what to do. Wether or not I should talk to him. I can't deal with it.When we are friends were like really good friends, we talk all the time and trust eachother for the world. but when were not. not even a hello "/ Last year rumours were going around that me and him were having a "thng" just cos we were good friends and people found out about it. tbh; whats wrong with having a best mate whose a guy NOTHING.

I dont want to say he is frigid my boyfriend literally won't do anything with me . I wanna have s** with him but I'm feel stupid asking him for the fact I don't wanna be a laughing stock & face to face is deffinately not an option.

I don't even know what to do?
Be with him?
Leave him?
Talk to his friend?
Tell him how I feel?

The last thing I want is an argument I don't want him telling his best friend or none of that for that matter but i know atleast one will know :/

When we wwerent going out he put in effort to talk to me literally everyday. and noew, there are times when we won't talk for like a few days and it's always me starting the conversation. I feel clingy, the only time he tries is when we HAVE to be in the same place like a school or parties . . "/ bleeeeehh, what do I doo ?!?!?

The worse thing of all is that his bestfriend. If we were friends I know I would be 100% satisfied in every way shape + form possible but I would never get in a relationship with him. Not cos it his bestfriend or my ex bestfriend ex bf but the fact that it's him. I've been told so many times that we would make the perfect couple and I get where they are coming from. were so similar and we never EVER argue. I wouldn't even dream of it though. EVERRRRR. Even if I could maybe be happy "/ doesn't matter anyway far fetched waaaay waaaaay out the window with that idea.

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