SORRY confessionpost for using these bad words...but i cant help ...m so b***** frustrated wid ma lyf...i just want to vent out all ma b***** inhibitions and want to f*** all those who ar emaking ma mind and ma body h***..

Mr. x though u ve always been ma close friend..u have fckingly used me... how can u be so desperate and cudnt control...u made me also spoilt by Ur stupid f****** seductive tricks.. i hate u....but i still need u in ma bad times... wish i cud just throw u out into sum unknown land..

huh secondly , i so hate ma office...fuckign traveleling ...feel like killing all those bastards who drive the buses so lazily...

Wat do i tell abt ma office filled with sum irritable aunt's , gay, and gross ladies who always try to pull ma legs and make fun of me as i stare in front of ma stupid system... and f****** f****** who try to divert ma mind wid their comments...
yes how can i miss those dirty stares?? huh....becoz of dis f****** office ma health is getting deteriorated, ma hair getting thin...ma charm is gettin lost....i am so lost..

am i love ? dnt know...and tmrw i am going to meet ma date...god help me out ..i dont think so i will able to charm him though wid this fading beauty ...but i am still cute in ma own ways...i hate those ppl who tell that i pretend to be innocent...f****** dey dont even know d meaning of innocence?

ma colleagues in ma dept r gud but sumtmes huh irritable. i feel dey lyk to s**** my happiness and want to make me tensed... i am always tensed sitting in d office lyk a rabbit trapped in the net...y m i not free lyk ma other colleague ..i envy her ...coz she is gettin more close to ma boss. she is the reason behind all ma misery .. i guess...her over confidence and free nature makes me very insecure and make me feel evrytym dat m nothing and a very introvert person who is very boring ....

huh i dnt lyk her sumtymes...she is irritating and always so attached to ma dear boss.......

u know ma boss always gives me tension..even though he is too sweet....d way he talks and facial expressions make me feel very anxious all d tym...the moment he enters ,...ma heart beat goes faster....d way he smiles , d way he stares at me just makes me think abt him all d tym ..making me tense and conscious always... just wanna get outta here ...........ma lyf ...wat do i tell abt it??

D moment he starts laughing and chatting wit other colleagues i get jitters thinking abt it and hearing ma free-natured colleague conversation wid him makes me realize wish i was lyk her...

y cant i be free lyk her....?? its just a wish ....

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