Dumb B******....

Ok I am real tired of the judgemntal bastards/b****** that are on here! You see the tittles and yet you bypass it and read the damn confessions anyways...then if they're not something you f****** cave dwellers can comprehend or agree with, you make the worlds dumbest f****** comments! If you dont like what the f*** someone has wrote then dont read on after you see the f****** title then sit there like your some f****** saint and point your f****** fingures making lude comments! If you are so saintly then why the h*** are you in the sexual side of this site? Because you enjoy the s*** and you know you do and over have are jealous due to the fact your c****/c**** have dust and mold on them...and nobody would touch your s*** with someone elses body parts! So grow the f*** up and act like your damn mother has taught you some f****** kind of home training!!! Or go hang out with the rest of the crats on myspace. Now suck my c*** all you mother f****** judgemental bastards/b******@



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  • Yea, you really told us...I can only imagine that your mother was a sailor. Oh and p.s. lude is actually lewd.

  • WOW!!! we can tell how well educated you are because of all those big words you used! LOL


  • I love it when immature people tell others to grow up in an equally immature fashion.


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