Im a Dirty little W****

Im 17 years old and i have had s** with 35 guys. I feel like such a s***, but i can't help it! I love s** soooo much! Getting with different guys just makes me feel good. I am responsible about it, i always get tested regularly and use protection. Sometimes i think about becoming a p*** star. Many guys have told me the s** is amazing and i suck c*** just like a p*** star would. I don't understand why so many guys want to f*** me either!!! it seems like there is always some guy out there trying to s**** me!!! Im Blonde, green eyed, 5 foot 3 and about 105 pounds. I work out and play about three different sports. Is it because of my body that guys always want to s**** me or is it because i am good at what i do???? I NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!



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  • Think Love Goddess. Big city when you turn 18. Find a high end escort agency and go to work. P*** has a big downside, public and hard to marry well after, whereas many wealthy men marry their call girls (high end only) this does require you keep studying, learn to speak well, know how to handle yourself in social situations, but better clothes, nicer place to live. The women I have helped do this all made over 6 figure income (reported it as consulting fees) and all ended up marrying well. Often to a man who knew nothing oabout their occupation but many who not only did, but wanted them to continue spreading their legs for others.

  • Text me

  • I'm from Utah close to your age. My advice is to find me when you turn 18 and I will satisfy your craving. PS you won't be disappointed.

  • oh really? ha how do i know that? i am 18 now.

  • Hi s***

  • I can help you to know that. post an ad on craigslist in casual encounters for this area and say guy from confession post. I will send you pics and help you to know for sure I'm the guy.

  • Try glory holes!

  • I have had s** with a LOT of men. I'm in my late thirties. I just love men. The way they look, smell, feel and I love to have a big, stiff c*** f****** me really rough. I need to count how many men I've been with. I've been safe for the most part so I'm lucky. I think I may be a nymphomaniac and you might be too.

  • Thank you democracy. thank you for s**** and whores. <3

  • hey, enjoy ur p**** now before ur like 50 and its all dried up. I love s****. Will you be in Boston anytime soon

  • Nooo Sorry, i am from Utah and i have never been ot boston and its kinda weird that you say s*** like that to ramdom people.

  • Well I'm a guy and I'm also from Utah and I can NEVER get enough s**!! When do you turn 18?

  • PS I can promise you that you would want to have s** with me ;)


  • Yes, I would also suggest trying to ask yourself what it is that makes you feel so good about having s**.
    Sometimes it hard when you are so young, at 17 is hard to process all the feelings.
    But yous should try. I would suggest, and only suggest that it probably is not good for your emotional health to keep sleeping with some many different partners. Because society still has certain norms and by crossing those you will get some negative feedback and that will affect your view of yourself. Hope some of this makes.

  • Ugh its just complicated...but i understand what your saying.

  • What do you like about the s**. Is just the phyical sensation you are after. Or is more than that?
    Do you like the attention you get form men. Is that what you really crave, is to have a man's full attentin centered on you?
    Maybe you can help yourself by finding out what you really want. Because peope have s** for lots of reason. If it just that you like the physcialness of it, then I would say is great. Just be careful as you said you already are.

  • i honestly can not figure out what it is that i like so much!!! Its complicated

  • Hey. If you like s** and you're being smart about it, well then go for it. As long as you're happy, the only people who are gonna have a problem with it are haters. Just stay safe with it.

  • smh look qirl, imma qirl && im telling you, i feel thee same damn way && yu just told my story 2. But you need to stop, you really do, cuss farther down tha road im telln you something gone go wrong, TRUST ME just listen to me. Just stopp. Okay, && imma pray 4 yu.

  • Thanks for the advice! :) i will take it.

  • no problem hunn, :)

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