Workman had o***** in customer's panties

I was a carpenter for several years in Manhattan. One time I got a job building three radiator covers for a soap actress. She was so nice to me, kind and easygoing, and just very, very pretty.

I went into the laundry room for a mop after the job was done. She was out for the afternoon. I saw a pile of clean laundry, and a pair of lace panties peeking out.

I couldn't help myself. I pulled the panties from the basket, held them in my hands, and got very turned on just holding them. I held them to my nose and inhaled this fine, fine woman's fragrance, then undid my pants and rubbed them all over myself.

I had an o***** in the panties.

Then I put them in the dryer for ten minutes, dried them, put them back in the basket and went onto my business.

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  • I picked up the panties putting the laundry away. I could feel the crust in them so, I raised them to my nose and could smell your c** in them. At first I was angry at you for jerking off in my panties but then the thought of you doing it got me a little turned on.
    I slowly raised them up again and lightly licked your crusty sperm. Your flavor made me wet and I kept licking them till the crust was saturated to a fluid again. Then I rubbed my hot throbbing p**** till I sprayed in my panties making it mix with your juice.
    Maybe I can get you to come over and do some work in my house again.
    This time I am staying!

  • One more reason I do NOT let men work in my home without someone being there.

  • Look if a man is sniffing your panties you should be happy you must be good looking because no man sniffs ugly fat nasty looking. Women's panties so you could leave I am sure he will not sniff any your panties oh don't forget if you have any boys they are sniffing licking your panties any way that's of your a good looking lady

  • H***,I'm a 36 yr old man and I still sniff panties!! But you're right,if you're ugly,we wont sniff!! Only attractive women, we're not freaks ya know!!!

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