Sexy, Naughty, Cheeky me!

I was at this party right...and it was filled with drunk people who were f****** right on the floor for everyone to see. Seeing them I got h**** too.
The host's grandpa whom I learn is a vegetative patient, is at the top floor solitude in his room. I thought 'what the heck lets give an oldman some fun'.
I crept amongst clandestine couples and made my way to the room. I opened it making sure no one was looking at me and crept in.
There he was. The oldman was awake staring at the ceiling and looked at me when I came in.
I locked the door.
I was wearing a sexy black little dress that bared my shoulders and most of my legs.
I walked towards him slowly and seductively and gramps eyes were practically popping out of his socket.
I stripteased and continued touching my body everywhere making sexy sounds. The oldman was heaving this time...I walked slowly to his bed and propped him up so he can see me better.
I ran over my ample b****** over his mouth ever so lightly...gosh the kinkiness of it all was so fulfilling.
He was impatient. I was already fully naked by this time. I removed his blanket and sat my naked body over his(fully-clothed one). By the condition of his pants, he was happy to see me. =P

I popped his little friend from his pants and rubbed it against my ladypart. The oldman smiled and panted heavily.

I gave him a b*** job and I must say for an oldman he had an impressive prong.

The prong now fully erect and throbbing with blue veins...I leaned down and sucked it. The oldman panted heavier.

I sucked it real good and I knew when it twitched he was going to come.
I sucked harder and harder and when I know he was about to come: I stopped and got down from the bed, put on my clothes, draped the pants over his prong and made the blanket like it was before. Blew him a kiss and walked out the door.

Poor sop thought I was gonna let him finish! Hahahaha! I was laughing the whole night.
I later learned the oldman had been grumpy for weeks. I just hope he doesn't get well suddenly and come after me.

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  • That's messed up....I did that to my dad once! That's what he deserved for making me dress like a woman in public

  • Another SFC

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