I broke his heart...at taco bell

So we all no taco bell. but do we really no what goes on inside?

so 2 of my friends and went to taco bell and met up up with one of my best guy friends, who loves me. he was supposed to come with his friend (he forgot) and we wereall gonna go to a fundraiser together. so we were all sittin down eatin our tacos when my guy friend started flirtin with me. I dont really like it when guys flirt, so i asked him to get me a spork so i could talk to my friends. they said he might ask me out and they were right. Of course i said no, and 1 of my friends said that i like someone else. he was devestated. shattered. and i was soooo ticked at my friend. so we went over to the fundraser after that. he was all mopey the whole time. so i said i didnt like anyone and that cheered him up. but i still sometimes see those sad, longing eyes i encounterd with at taco bell.

(were still really close friends though!)

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  • We are doomed.

  • The ability to spell and make a decent sentences doesn't happen at Taco Bell, obviously. It is the idiots like this that breed people, be very afraid.

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