Women that cry during a*** are hot

My wife hates a*** and even cries during it but she deserves it. If she refuses then I threaten to leave her which starts the cycle all over again. I intend to do this till she finally leaves.



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  • teri maa ki chute

  • u b******!!
    you don't deserve a wife!!
    u have no respect i would be ashamed!
    i hope you die in a hole and your wife kicks you
    while ur dieng!! fucken idiot

  • I agree with the other commentors. I think you're just a troll, but if you're for real you're a sad, sad, sad, sad person, and you don't deserve any decent relationship, just the dysfunctional ones you seem to have (and deserve to have, given your attitude.)

    However, I think the odds are you're just a lonely little troll. Now go back under your bridge.

  • agreed

  • Fuck yeah dude hopefully by the time she leaves the stupid w**** will need diapers.

  • Yeah and if she starts crying less, just punch the b****.

  • Do you have to hold her down, that would be hot

  • oh shutup you stupid gay f*****.
    ur a loser and that's all you will ever be.
    f****** a******

  • I have a nice nine inch strap on that I would live to shove deep inside your ass till you f****** died. :) ha. Or ripped your a*** open until we see guts. :D yup. Sound good.

  • @ previous commenter- Haha, stick a fat c*** up your ass. That's amazing.

  • You need to learn to respect a woman. Perhaps if you were treated the way you treat her, you would learn your lesson. I bet if I stuck my fat c*** up your ass, you would cry to! Matter of fact, I would do it and let her watch your shame and let her laugh at you while i shoot my load inside you. Then, I would take your wife away to a safe place from you!

    You're such an a******

  • WOW you are a huge f****** FAGGOT only a huge FAGGOT could get a h****** f****** a dude. FAGGOT

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