I have this fantasy of getting raped. I'm 19 yrs old and I've had this fantasy since I was around 13. I don't want them to kill me or anything. Just rape me, hit me, slap me, abuse me. Lock me up in a room and the only things I would be allowed to do is eat and sleep and get raped the whole day. I used the word rape cus I don't want to enjoy it from the start. I want the person to be forceful with me, make me do the things I don't want to. Just thinking about it make me h**** so much. I hate myself..

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  • oh my gosh i totally know how u feel... ever since i was 5 years old maybe even 4 i would masterbaid to the thought of someone being tied up in a chair or on a bed h*** even in public... but i never understood it till i was 12 then i realized i liked watching people get raped and now I'm just DYING for someone to rape me!!! i just want someone to tie me down and rape me hard!!! but its the ones that want it that dont get it :/

  • hmmmmm babe, id drag you into some woods and force you to strip naked, then i would throw you to the ground and rape you, first f****** your p**** and then turning you over and as you scream i would f*** your ass, real hard!!!, after raping your ass i would make you suck lick my d*** clean before sucking my d*** until i c** in your mouth and then your going to swallow my c**, in all i would have you naked in the woods raping you for days on end.

  • I agree to a point. Its kinda a weird feeling or desire, but I believe a lot of women (or men) feel that way too. I do. There is just something sexy about it all. Just make sure if you do something like that, its with someone you love, and if something went weird you could use some special word to stop it.

    Its more like a bit of role play. :D

  • I think that's a super common fantasy.

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