Asymmetrical B******

One of my b**** is two cup sizes smaller than the other. The left is a small A and the right is a large C. This makes me extremely self conscious and sadly my doctor said I am just unfortunate and it happens some times. Every guy who has seen them says they were fine with it but it did weird them out at first. I am considering saving up for plastic surgery. I wish I could just accept myself and find a guy who will accept me too though. :-(

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  • I hope you resolved this issue by now. But just wanted to say why not see a plastic surgeon for a free evaluation and ideas? I'd think increasing the small one to match the big one wouldn't be that expensive.

  • Not to make light of your concerns, but no one explained to us guys why one t******* is smaller than the other. I could see a scenario where a sheltered 10 year old freaking out because he was afraid to ask anyone. The torment of puberty. Lack of knowledge.

    As for your b****** I know of a woman like that too.. AT LEAST 2 cups, left bigger than the right. My wife knew about it but pointed it out (actually, pointed it out after we went swimming to see if I noticed. I guess she suspected I'd look at everyone's b**** and notice that on her.) when we were all taking our kids swimming.

    After that there was only a hint of that while clothed, and you had to look for it.

    If a reduction will lift your spirits and confidence then do it. I know 2 women who have had reductions. Was life changing. Emotionally and physically. No back aches and such.

  • If you are young, just be patient. Sometimes the even up. If not, just be thankful b*** jobs are way cheaper than the used to be.

  • Lol !! it doesnt matter guys dont care about that , i dated a girl who had a smaller b*** on the left side , it didnt bother me one bit , matter of fact i was in love with her . it wasnt 2 cup sizes smaller though , maybe one .

  • My friend dated someone with b**** like that. He told me, at first, he was like "WTF things like this can happen?" but it wasn't a big deal to him. So don't worry about it too much.

  • I will try. But it is just tough, I don't have a perfect body and the least I could have is nice b****. Girls take pride in their b**** and i am just ashamed of mine. I can't even get the slightest bit of cleavage... it is awful.

  • I've recently just had a b*** reduction from a 12G down to a 12C. I've hated them for years. I went to buy bras for my wedding which ended up costing $300 and came home in tears! My partner was all for me having this done if it made me happier. 4 weeks on, it's the best thing I've ever done. It's a huge confidence booster. I keep thinking to myself why didn't I have this done ages ago? You have to do what's right for you, I can't see the point in wondering what if.... I hope you make a decision which you're happy with. Best wishes.

  • Agreed with first comment.. but you just have to accept yourself first.

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