I might have an STD.....or HIV

I'm a virgin but at the end of my second semester in college, I gave Oral s** to a guy that lead me on. Days later, he cheated on me. That was the first time I did anything sexual in my life. 7 weeks later, I had a sore throat, fever, swollen tonsils with white stuff on them. The doctors said it was Mono and I was relieved. Then I read that HIV has Mono-like symptoms. I have been in denial since that happened,now have white patches and sores on my tongue.
People make mistakes right? Why should I have to DIE from mine? I'm not promiscuous or anything. I've learned my lesson. I promised God that I would have a higher Self-esteem and love myself if he could spare me this pain. I've already been depressed before this happened, this will make it worst. I don't want to do something I'll regret. I want to go to the doctors but I'm afraid of hearing the answer.


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  • Dude. If your blood test or cheek swab or whatever they did says you have mono, you have mono. All virgins freak out the first time they have unprotected s**. Wouldn't hurt to get tested anyway, but Jesus f***. And s**** you other Anons for encouraging her paranoia, you should be ashaimed.

    And BTW, it takes TEN YEARS to develop full-blown AIDS. And if you have VD, it's probably one of the vastly, insanely, hugely, monumentially more common non-lethal ones. Like I said, it wouldn't hurt to get tested, but all virgins go through this initial paranoia. Mostly because s** ed consists of sitting in a stuffy, yellow windowless room with buzzing florecent lights while a teacher convincingly shows you slides of horrible deseased genitalia.

  • yeah.. it was just a mistake.. to learn a lesson..
    you will live longer just don't do it again..

    and you must give urself
    to the right person

  • Op did he e******** in your mouth, not to be to graphic but that would increase your risk.

  • Just go to the doctor and get it checked out. It could be nothing (lets hope for that), very worse case scenario it could be HIV or Chlamydia. Not meaning to scare the poster more..but answering the other comment..Actually, it is possible to get HIV from oral s**. Swallowing or being in contact with fluids creates those risks. In the future use a condom, if you don't know your partner. But just go check it out..once you know then you can move on.

  • It sounds to me like you have a nasty strep throat, 7 weeks is a awfully short time to show hiv symptoms, some people have it for years before its noticed. Though it is possible to get hiv from oral s** its unlikely, did u notice any sores or lumps on his p****? Get to the doc take a deep breath this is probably something some antibiotics will take care of.

  • Nope! She is right, the infection with HIV may start (not necessarily, but it might) with flu-like symptoms, only days or weeks after, which disappears within days. You make a confusion with more advanced stages, when without treatment, the immune systems starts to fail, and later becomes full blown AIDS.
    Girl, if I were you I would go to a clinic and do a testing for STD and HIV, just in case. Maybe it's nothing serious, just some tonsils infection. The testing is not expensive at all, but it's safe.

  • leave her alone pervert, she wants to live! perverts p**** is dangerous, they have this herpes,hiv,stds,etc!

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