My best friend's wife is a b****

I love my best friend like he's my brother. But his wife is the most annoying, whiny, immature, manipulative b**** ever. If I didn't love my friend as much as I do, I would relish the chance to tell her what a horrendous c*** she is.

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  • Just tell her maybe you’ll find out something new about yourself.

  • Women the rise and fall of men.

  • The plain truth is that if women didnt have a c*** we men would not even bother talking to them, in fact you would not p*** on them if they were on fire, lying two faced whores

  • I think my husbands best friend feels the same way about me, thoug he doesn't see me very often he has seen me at my worst. The reason my husband put up with me is because no matter how long we've been together I keep my body in good shape and when he is finished with his 10 hour days I am at the top and bottom of his to-do list.

  • Wow, you seem like a huge c***. hope the nice abs work out for you when you are 65.

  • I am just now experiencing this myself. He and I have been best friends for YEARS...since high school..and have kept in touch although we've never lived in the same area of the country. We are both HAPPILY married, and have gotten together with our spouses a few times...and then suddenly she decides we can't be friends anymore. I am so clueless as to what happened, but devastated by the loss of a lifelong friend. I can only imagine she has some deep-rooted insecurity that I am not aware of. It still SUX.

  • wow - thanks i found this article very re-assuring that its not just me - i currently have a friend who i consider a brother ,unfortunately he has been with this kunt for 20 years so ,im not optimistic that we will be friends for much longer , kunt ( her ) is exactly how the origonal poster described , immature ,whiney, maipulative kunt ,b**** ,she has even tried to flirt and dupe his friends into having s** with her,none of us fell for it ,she will do anything to push his friends away ,she even threatens with divorce .

  • I hate these kinds of kunt-hores, my best buddies new wife is exactly the same, for a full year mutual friends didn't see it but now she has his vows and his wallet everyone is catching on, we are being pushed away including his mum who asked me straight what I thought to confirm her suspicions.

    I wonder how long until we will only see him once a year only to then console him when she leaves for a richer more subservient fellow.

    Unfortunately as the last poster says you cant do anything as you will no doubt fuel her hatred for you when she inevitably finds out.

    My advice is once in a while try take him partying and let him get loose, hammered and wild without her bringing him down.

  • My best mate must have the biggest b**** he works his a*** off ten hours a day then has to come home to her " to do lists" he is not allowed down the pub for a beer & when we have one at my place ( accross the road ) or in his shed she sends the kids down to snoop or pretends she is cleaning within ear shot. She hates me no end proven by the fact that she started a rumour about me but got found out. He was really sorry but not her so know her jealousy has cost him his job she complained to his boss about us working together. He is not allowed any friends male or female any social events must involve her family who have even brain washed their kids, his mother & brother are not welcome there either. I have decided it is too hard to be his mate I feel for him when he looks down because i feel his pain but what can i do i have extended the hand of friendship & had it bitten. I worry about his mental state as he spends a lot of time in his shed alone. She has no guilt about what she does so good luck my friend I will be here if you need me

  • For whatever reason, your buddy puts up with it. You have to bite your tongue and just let it's not your problem. Does he complain? Is she anything like his mom?

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