I am always H****

I have to confess that I am always feeling h**** all the time. I feel the need to m********* whenever however, wherever, I really feel ashamed of myself but sometimes I find it a real turn on.

I was at a friends party once and I started to feel h**** and i took myself in the garden had a cigarette whilst discreetly flicking and sticking my fingers in my wet p****.

I even did it in a woodland area once I was walking my dog and he runs off all over the place and in the woods i saw a tree lying in its side and even though it was cold and knowbody was around i dropped my jean and pants around my ankles and rubbed myself off against it.

Sounds bizarre I know but i was wondering if there are other ladies or men do the same ?

Dec 13, 2010

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  • Your not alone. I've only been able to do it a few times out in the woods. The log or tree I can relate to. One time on a cold fall day when I was about 14 I snuck into a small grove of trees. I took off my pants and left on my long coat (it was cold) and sat my naked ass down on a big tree laying on the ground. I stroked my young naked c***, feeling the rough tree bark under my b****. It was so hot. I'm not sure how long I lasted but I shot a ton of c** all out on top of that log.
    Another time when I was older, about 40 I was on a business trip and driving in a rural area in the early spring before the leaves came on and bugs came out. I pulled over in a national forest trail head parking area. I hiked about a 1/4 mile up the trail to the top of a ridge. I saw a big log laying 200 yards over in the trees. I took off all my dress clothes, left them on the ground and walked over in just my shoes. It was hot being naked in the woods so far from my clothes. I strattled the huge log feeling it's moss covered bark on my b**** and ass. I stroked off for awhile and came all over the log.
    Maybe this is all stupid and simple minded but it was so hot at the time.

  • I did it once in a queue in the local bank i was in a long queue and i felt very h**** i made a hole in my pocket and managed to slip my fingers into my moist p**** I have great control over my orgasams nobody was aware at all

  • my d**** hard... im a fetish n fantisy fullfiler..
    aha. thats bout it

  • I am a 22 year female and also love masturbating, especially in semi public places. I'll go to parks late at night and drop my pants start doing it or go for drives and take my pants off and start rubbing. I'm getting pretty h**** right now talking about it....

  • Iam a man and I m********* daiy. I think you have hot and healthy hormones.

  • i am a 20 yr old male and i too am frequently horney! trust me ur not alone on this, as soon as i hav that incling of arousal, ill find the first quiet spot around and quietly m*********, whether if its in the car, at the shops, just at home or also at a party, i was talking to the hostess' mother one night, and she was wearing a truly revealing top on, and she has an amazing bust!

    after a few drinks she started playing with the v join of her shirt, things go ta lil steamy and i was ready freddy! i hinted to her, if she wanted to go just as a joke, but she was keen, and i wasted no time following her to the bedroom and we did it! (3 times that night acctually)

    i am dead set there are other people like u and me who are adsactly the same

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