Stupid women

I met a wonderful girl a few months ago. I'm in love with her, but she made the mistake of telling me about her s** past (8 guys) and I can't get over it. She says it was just s** and it didn't mean much to her. I don't believe s** is just s**. It's about giving yourself to another person.

I don't understand why women can fall for this s** game so easily. Most men are animals. We want to have easy s** and then marry a perfect woman. Don't you see?

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  • 8? in a night or her whole past? were you a virgin? Did you give yourself heart and soul to every lover? Do you feel guilty you had s** with someone else? are you over 12? are you under 5"? Planning on growing up anytime soon?

  • Why does her past "hurt" you? Why do you even care? Hopefully some of her past encounters were positive and that's great. Why are you s***-shaming her? She has a sexual past. There is no reason to make her ashamed of that fact.

  • That's weird. You say s** is about connecting with another person, and then you say all men want is easy s**. Doesn't sound like there's much connecting going on. Except in the crotch area.

  • That is exactly what makes me feel this way. This happened in a relatively short period of time. She says when she moved to the US she felt free and wanted to experience things that she didn't experience in her country. To me that doesn't sound like a good reason to be having s** and truly if you knew her you would never expect that attitude from her. This happened when she was 25-28. She is in her mid-thirties now. I wish I had never known this. I was just fine with everything. I sincerely hope I will be able to appreciate her love more than her past.

  • J******

  • Someone's upset.

  • One thing that no one has asked, over what time period has she slept with 8 men? Was she in relationships with these men? How old are you both now?
    Everyone has a past and if you truly loved her it wouldn't matter.
    Really, in todays day and age, 8 sexual partners is really not a lot.
    Get over yourself!

  • I totally understand your thoughts on s**. I think more power to you and wish more guys thought the same way. Not all women have the best sexual encounters and there are reasons why they go through the motions or feel a certain way about it. I guess in order for you to become okay with this issue, you'll have to stop talking with her about it. Because you're looking for an answer that she won't be able to give you. Or maybe she hasn't explored the reasons why in order to give you a true answer. So, accept that it's her past and her future is with you. Stop thinking about the number "8" because it will just consume you. Move forward and know that the intimate moments you're sharing with her now are meaningful. Somehow you just have to become okay with it and let it go, otherwise you may have to let her go...Hope this helps a little.

  • I appreciate honest replies like this one. I'm not trying to judge her at all. I love her very much and I want to overcome this. She cried a lot the second time I told her about how I felt and she says she is sorry she told me and that she would've waited for me if she only knew I was going to be in her life. So I know she loves me. It's frustrating to be jealous of someone's past because there is nothing you can do about it. Thanks again for the advice. :)

  • The first rule of thumb is that you don't share your sexual past, with your sexual future. To the OP..I understand what you mean about the number. Unfortunately, in today's world lots of women (not all) have s** at an earlier age and having multiple partners. Even as a woman, I don't want to know that the man I'm with has slept with 20+ women. But such is life..and you can't change your past. So if you find that connection with someone, like you have with this girl. In the grand scale of things, can you over look the number in order to be with her. Also would it have been different if she said that each and every one meant something to her?

  • Thanks for your honest reply. I wish all women would think like you do. Believe me, I'm trying to overlook the number as you suggest. I've been trying for 8 months now. I told her a couple of times how it hurts to know. But I don't want to keep telling her over and over even when I still think about it because I don't want to humiliate her and at the same time I feel bad because I feel like I'm hiding this from her. Yes, I think it would've made a difference if she had said that they meant something to her because now I think that she was just opening her legs for fun (it sounds horrible, I know, but that's the kind of thoughts I'm having). Maybe I sound too "macho" for today's standards, but I truly believe that s** should not be taken so lightly. I believe it's something special and intimate.

  • Americans..........Don't we just love them, until they open their mouths!!! They think they are the greatest and will defend any of their countless stupid decisions they make, either at home or on the world stage.

  • Hey if you don't like Americans, just kiss our collective a**** and get the h*** out of our country!!

    PS...we ARE the GREATEST.... when all the world needs help who do the bastards call????? The Americans!!!You nameless twit!

  • You just proved our point. Thank you.

  • Thank you!! Bravo!!

  • Why is it every woman thinks that for the first 5 to 10 years of their sexually active life they can do what they want, when they want with who they want, then when they meet someone pretend it didn't mean anything and that only god can judge them? I can sympathise with every woman beater on here the stupid STD ridden crack w**** deserves everything she gets, and I hope they know they will burn in h*** for all eternity

  • Why is it that every man thinks he can sleep around his whole like, even if he is married!! Pot calling the kettle black.Suck it up, how many women or men have you screwed?

  • I agree with the first part of your post. My girlfriend says it didn't mean anything to her but then she says she felt used when the guys dumped her. So right there I can tell it did mean something to her if she felt bad. But seriously, can you make the same mistake 8 times? Can't women figure out the pattern? Or are they just whores and like to be used? It frustrates me because other women have told me similar stories.

  • I'm praying as I write, I hope with all my heart and soul that this is just one person who wishes to commit a violent act against a defenceless woman and not many different men. Please may the lord have mercy on your soul. I fear there is no hope for the human race with people like this in our world.

  • WTF? Where did you read anything about violence in the original post? You are the one who deserves to be punched on the face.

  • I think they may be commenting third reply down.. ignore it..

  • Wow you are all stupid, the men AND the women. You just f****** comment about any stupid thing a troll has to say don't you?

  • You just did the same thing, idiot.

  • What about yourself genius?

  • I didn't complain, did I?

  • Complaining about the people making the comments, and feeding the troll are two different things. Maybe when you get your head out of your ass one day you'll figure out the difference.

  • Keep feeding the "troll", my friend. You are obviously interested in doing it. Very, very smart.

  • Wow, someone I could give a s*** about living somwhere I could give a s*** about insulted me. Somehow life will go on.

  • You keep coming back. :) It seems like you can't move on, so you do give a s***. Loser.

  • And yet you keep responding, I assume you understand the word hypocrite? I have to laugh at the loser comment though, If you view yourself as a champion for taking my trollbait, well, just so terribly sad.

  • Welcome back, loser. This is my post, so who's taking the bait?

  • Well if you keep responding, you.

  • Didn't you thank her that she even told you? If she didn't tell you, how could you have even possibly known? You men don't know what you want. You ask for sincerity, honesty but when the person opens up to you, you freak out.
    I made this mistake once by open up to my bf and we ended up breakinp up because he would constantly remind me of what I told him
    I will never tell any men about my past...because God is the only one who can wash away my sins which He already did.

  • You contradict yourself. First you say I need to appreciate her honesty and then you say you will never tell again. I agree with you on that. I think it's best not to know this crap. I didn't need to know her past to love her. It doesn't matter how open-minded and genderless we want this world to be, the truth is most guys will feel bad about knowing. Just google "haunted by wife's s** past" and you will see that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  • Did she forget to tell you all 8 were at once?

  • Yeah, she said your mom was there too.

  • We all make mistakes, she's made 8 but all it really takes is one. We are all leftovers, live in the now cause now is all you have.

  • I couldn't agree more! Everyone has a past that helps make us who we are today!

  • Your answer is actually the only one that makes sense. Thanks. :)

  • My advice is domestic violence, it's works wonders for every relationship I have ever had, there is nothing like feeling bones crack when you punch the stupid f****** w**** in the ribs, don't feel guilty she deserves everything she gets

  • Yeah... When you come home from work, first thing to do is to hit her hard. You don't actually know why, but she sure does...

  • I like to kick mine down the stairs, and if dinner is ready a nice backhand will suffice.

  • My advice for you is never get into a relationship, because your retrospective jealousy will kill it eventually. Men "score", while women must be "pure" and "untouched", right? Get a life or move to Middle East!

  • Wow, this post is OBVIOUSLY trolling, I mean take some pride in what you do people, this is the standard woman/man writes confession to provoke a heavy response against women/men. The trolling these days, I'm telling you, just pathetic.

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