My Boyfriend Wont F*** Me.

Im a regular 16 year old. With an amazing boyfriend of 6 months, but with one problem. He wont have s** with me. Hes afraid of pregnancy and comes from a really Christan family. We've only had s** once, it was amazing but I'm a pretty h**** high school girl.

Before i met him, i did a little of whoren around that i do regret. In other words though. I used to have s** all the time. It was easy, when i was h**** id message up a geek that doesn't get any, hang out with him. one kiss from me and he was all over me.

Even at a convention i got laid twice by this older guy that just loved my body.

Im not unattractive. And ive got a pretty hot body. and guys are after me all the time.

Im really in love with my boyfriend so id never dare cheat on him. but im just so damn hot for me. sure he touches me here and there. He knows how much i want s** from him. i tell him all the time. and he usually laughs it off. ive actually cried to him before because since he doesn't want me, i feel unattractive and unloved.

When we did have s**, he didn't come, we used a condom and im on B/C. and he was STILL scared!

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  • You need to slow down little bit

  • I did not think that boys like this still exist.. I would f*** every day xD

  • Stop being a s***. He may be O.K. with oral, but have your Gyno verify that you don't have Pre-Cancerous cells. Last thing you want to do is give your "Love" throat Cancer... See, you have been s******* older guys... and it is a possibility.

    Virginity is like a car... scratch it or dent it... you don't give a damn anymore. He did at one time.

  • Why wont he f*** you?

  • I thing this guy loves you. He is doing the right thing. He care more for you than anyone whoever had s** with you. Try to be patient and hold on to a good man. He is not GAY. He just knows the truth about s** and marriage. Respect him and continue to love him. You will see. He really loves you.

  • Well just say hey i really think if u dont wanna we could wait a little bit...

  • He must be extremely gay.

  • Of course, nothing is 100%..but sounds like with a condom and b/c you're covering all your bases. I think the issue really lies with your bf and has nothing to do with you. Sometimes when people believe something, they can't let it go. So what ever his religious background taught him is stuck in his head and is preventing him from performing. The laughing just sounds like he's embarrassed or has no idea how to answer or comfort you. You sound really confident, don't let this situation bother you. Somehow you need to keep on reassuring him. Maybe slow things down again..

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