F*******-Long post.

I went on a date tonight and it went very well. This is date number 3 and he has been a complete gentleman and I think I like him. We made out for a few minutes when he walked me up to the door. He got me all hot and bothered and asked if he could come inside.

I explained that I want to take things slow with him and that I am interested, but I'd rather wait. He told me he respects that and is thankful that we are taking it slow.

After he left I was still extremely turned on and h****. I masturbated, and I think I got more turned on.
I called a guy that I used to talk to online a little while ago. We used to have some steamy talk online and he always wanted to meet but we never did because I was trying to pursue the dating thing a little bit... and was nervous.

Well, I called him tonight. He asked me to come over and I did. When I got there he introduced himself then told me to undress and get in the shower on my knees. I did.
He had literally the biggest p**** I've ever seen. He started off by peeing on my face and in my mouth. He wanted me to swallow it. I did. I threw up a little and swallowed more. He got a little in my eyes. They still burn a little...even after washing them out with water and eye drops. He proceeded to face-f*** me and asked me to lick his b**** and ass. I did. He slapped me on the face a little when I was trying to fit his whole d*** in my mouth...not too hard.
I was gagging and tears were running down my face. He wanted to take a picture and I said no...the last thing I want is that floating around the internet.

I threw up in my mouth a few times choking on his d***. He finally came in my mouth and I swallowed it all. When he was done he told me to clean myself up and he left the bathroom. When I was done cleaning myself up I got dressed and we said our good nights. I couldnt put my heels back on because my legs were shaking so much. My legs are still shaking. I just got home and I can hardly believe I did this tonight.

I feel so strange and dirty...but incredibly turned on by it all.

Dec 19, 2010

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  • Better you asked him than the guy you are trying to take ot slow with. and now you know when you are ready to have s**, you can take it slow. Start with handjobs, make him bring presents, then proceed to bjs and finally to full s**. you are fine.

  • There is a difference between hot meaningless s** and connecting with someone you really like. With the guy you like, take it as slow as you need to. In the meantime, have great no strings s** with whoever you want!

  • just because you don't understand this type of sexual exploration doesn't make it wrong. She is no less of a woman for allowing these things to happen or even liking them. I think it's horrible that people will post such negative comments about someone's confession. If you don't want to offer support, then move onto the next post!

  • Something is not right with you, your turned-off by guys who respect what you say, and turned-on by guys who would rather s*** on you?

    You need help

  • Person making comment here, NO, BULLSHIT POST!

  • OP here... no... totally not a bullshit post. I am shocked too. I don't think it's going to happen again. Just because I am kinda into the guy I went on a date with...But now...I am kind into the whole BDSM thing.
    I do have a lot of self respect and dignity as a woman. There is a difference when it comes to the bedroom. It's not like I'd ever allow a dude to treat me like s*** outside of a sexual sense.
    Idk...I am a little shocked and amazed that I experienced something like this...but still strangely turned on.

  • Had you spoken with this online guy previous about BDSM scenarios or was this a total shock to you when you went there? Or were you semi-expecting something of that nature to occur? You can be into whatever you want to be into. Not everyone think that's a turn on.

  • It was somewhat expected...but not to the extent that it was.

  • That's an important point that was left off of your original post. Just that you were exploring that aspect. Because it didn't read that way.


  • yea i liked that , when are we gonna do it again ???

  • OWNED by h**** internet b****!

  • Wow...You get turned on by some guy who treats you like a toilet. You don't even know this guy and you swallowed. That's great.

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