Nipple Hair

I am a girl and i have hair around my nipples. Not as much as a guy obviously... but at least 20 or so hairs scattered around each one. Some are longer and thick.. some small and light. But it is super embarrassing and I have to pluck them. I don't know why I have them!

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  • Same here, Hairy Nipples, you're not alone. Don't be embarrassed, my boyfriend doesn't care at all.

  • Omijeez i thought i was the only one XDD thank god .. i have hair on mine too like that ahaha

  • You're not alone! I have hair around my nipples too, O.O

  • don't feel bad, i've been with a few women who have had that. try to hide it but eventually the guy you fall in love with will be fine with it

  • It's totally normal. We have hair all over our bodies..some are darker, some are hairier than others. And yea, no one tells you this as you get older! And the fun things to look forward too.. like hair on your chin or above your lip. The amount of hair also can depend upon your cultural background and hormones. Some men like it, just depends on the guy. You can pluck away, or you can also look into electrolysis. But if you're really concerned with the amount of hair, go to your doctor and ask.

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