My mom is an alcoholic.

I love my mom, but she's an alcoholic, and I hate that side of her. I've had to put up with her s*** for years and years now, and I don't want to anymore. I feel like I'm stuck. Not completely, as I spend as much time at my dad's house as possible. But whenever I'm at his house she get's plastered. Her excuse is that she drinks 'because I'm not there' which is complete bull because she drinks when I'm there too. My brother is living with my dad, and I'm envious of him. I can't move out, for multiple reasons, but the main two is because 1) she's depressed, and would probably do something incredibly stupid if I do, and 2)she would lose the house, in which we're currently both living in. My mom also recently lost her job, and I completely understand why, but she has been drinking her days away, and hasn't even tried to look for a new one, I'm starting to worry about her financial situation when she's spending money on booze and not something useful like groceries or to pay the bills. When my mom doesn't drink she is wonderful and I can't understand why she drinks or how they can be the same person. I love her, but I hate her.


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  • Wow...I'm here for you. my mom does the same thing, but we all live together and have to deal with it as a family :/

    You're not alone!

  • Hopefully she'll hit her "bottom" soon and will seek help. Have you considered going to al-anon for yourself? You need to take care of you and not enable your mother. Because at you need to take care of you.

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