P*** addict

I've been addicted to p*** since I was 11, Interracial p*** and I'm a 20 year old white guy. I state interracial p*** because I watch it because it makes me feel inferior and I also think it's a manifestation of my white guilt. I want to quit watching it because of how degrading it is to all parties involved, it makes white men out to be weak and pathetic and small dicked, it makes white women out to be whores, it makes black men out to be ultra swagistic and oftentimes portrays them adulterers or hateful towards whites in general. I don't think it's good for me to watch, it makes me want to pursue a life as a cuckold or worse still have a s** change operation. If I thought either of the two aforementioned things would lead to me being happy the rest of my life I'd have no problem with it, but I wouldn't like getting cucked (incidently I haven't had a girlfriend in over two years, and the three times I've fooled around with girls in that time I felt absolutely nothing when they touched/had s** with me) I get jealous whenever I think of girls I like being with other guys. I also don't think I'd really like being a woman because I only like the s** aspects of it, take away the sexy looks and I have no interest being a woman. I like guns, martial arts, smoking, drinking, video games, and horror movies; while there are women who like those things I know that the majority (at least the majority that I've met and talked to) don't like those things. I want to quit but it seems that every time I get in a pinch in my life, I fall back on the interracial p*** as a way to escape. I also find that if I'm having difficulty in talking to someone who I want to be friends with I'll watch it excessively and it'll cause me to blow off engagements with that person. So far as I know there aren't any self help groups that are nearby that work in the field of masturbation addiction, and I don't have any friends who I feel comfortable talking to about this (If it were white on white p*** I think I could handle it, but they're going to think there's something wrong with me if I tell them I like to watch black guys f*** white women while a white guy is forced to watch and lick the j*** off the girl! And probably correctly so!) I've bought books on it but they all say the same thing, work out to get rid of the extra testosterone and that will lessen the s** drive, move my computer (I can't do this but if I could put it in a room where my parents were at a lot it would help), talk to others about it (I usually get optimistic and will tell my close friends that I'm quitting p*** only to relapse a few days or weeks later). And this is driving me crazy, I'd rather be doing anything else cause watching p*** and j********** has absolutely no benefit to my life. At least if I watch a movie or play a video game I have something I can talk about, with p*** it's just me sitting in my room oftentimes for four hours or more a day j**********

Dec 23, 2010

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  • Dude 4 hours a day is not a harmless addiction

    I am like you a few years on - seriously I have not done as much as I could have in those years because of my fascination with the same kind of p***.

    Just get outside, try and stop, really.

  • Pretty harmless addiction, at this point. And there's nothing wrong with j********** as often as you want, though not in public. Your bigger issue is how you've anti-socialized yourself with all your hobbies. There are hundreds of thousands of basement-dwelling dudes like you competing for the few dozen women who find such activities attractive. Get out and experience life. Shower regularly. Dress better. Do your best to make yourself attractive, in other words. Practice listening and responding with some intelligence. Be fun and spontaneous. You'll find some woman who likes what you're pitching. Maybe you'll find a woman who is willing to share in your fascination with interracial p***. Maybe she'll occasionally pick up some black guy to f*** in front of you. Maybe it will be a big turn on for her when you're licking her clean after he's done. It can happen pal. Just get a life.

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