Turned on By Wife Kissing

I was at a Xmas Party last night. My partner is a tease & a very attractive woman for her 52 years of age. Toward the end of the night, as a bit of a joke she sat on this young guy's lap and they had a Xmas kiss. It was a real passion kiss and he groped her ass. I found myself turned on by this, is this normal?

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  • You should have took him home so you and him could DP your wife.

  • We're finishing up the holidays and have made the rounds to many parties so far, and my wife gives out French kisses like some people give out holiday candy. She really enjoys it. As long as she doesn't start f****** our friends under the mistletoe I'm okay with it.

  • Years back in our younger years my wife always was a flirt with my friends and liked to show of her body. After a night at the bar one of my friends always came home with us. She liked to but on something sexy and see through when we got home. There was a few nights he ended up in bed with us and my wife loved to tease us by playing with us while we took turns kissing and playing with her. One night she asked me if I minded if she s..... his d..... I said do what ever you want. So she did as I f..... her. It turned me on so much watching her do it. That was years ago and I still get turned on thinking about it. We are in our 60’s now and she is still a very sexy lady.

  • Sounds good I'd like to meet ure wife and u could keep my wife busy

  • 60's is perfect, bustdvr@juno.com

  • Me and my wife have been married 3 yrs now and have been together for almost 20 yrs. We both love the idea of sharing her for both her pleasure and mine. I'm usually the one watching and masturbating to her getting f***** in front of me. My wife is so friendly when she is having drinks and it really turns me on. I encourage her to find guy friends so that she can have s** with while I watch and eventually join in. We keep our s** lives private and away from our families. Most guys really like my wife's 42DD big natural t***. I love our lifestyle so much that I wanna brag about to my friends but then they would probably look at us as some kind of weird people. I love being a cuckold.

  • We have been married for 36 years. I realized my wife was a "nympho" when I started dating her in college. I came to realize that her sexuality turned me on. We discussed it when we got engaged. I knew that she was a "nympho" and had been "gang banged" in high school once and a few months before I met her. I confessed it really turned me on. We decided to have no s** other than kissing a petting prior to our marriage. I told her that at any time she decided she wanted another guy for s** she could have him as long as she told me everything. Not only would this be satisfying for her but immensely satisfying to me. There were and still are ground rules. She has had over 20 different "dates" (that's what we call them...different guys she has f*****). It turns me on More now than the first one about a year after we were married. We have 3 grown kids and are very private about our actions. I stay home. I listen to her conversations, read her texts and e mails. Sometimes I get a room next to them in the hotel they aren't. She calls me when she starts blowing him. And a lot more.

  • My wife is also a flirt, and I have two friends with whom she has given open mouth kisses to when they come over. She knows I don't mind, they've known us for years. I just wish my friends' wives would do the same for me when I go over to their place.

  • That was the same with my wife a few years back when we were younger.

  • My wife and I have an understanding. We also have a great s** life. But if she meets another man (or woman) that she is attracted to, she knows she has my blessing to have an adventure. I am always close by, she is never alone. Sometimes, I join with her and another, if it's a man and she wants him, and he has no problem with me in the room, we both have our way with her. If it's a woman and the other woman don't mind, they have fun while I watch. I may lick a little on the other woman, but no penetration. The other woman however, has freedom to BJ me whenever she pleases. Who could ask for anything better??? I love my wife, she loves me, we are very secure in our marriage. We just like what we do!!! Comments???

  • I drove my wife and my best friend around town while they sat in the back seat as a lark, we me playing chauffeur. Before long I could see in the rearview mirror that they were snuggling together and started kissing and then his hand went up her skirt. She started kissing him harder and soon her panties were down and his finger was in her p****. She was moaning softly and loving it and I was hard as a rock and had great difficulty driving around town while they made out in the back seat. Soon she had his c*** out and was sucking it. I had to pull over in the parking lot of a park. It was getting darker now so while I kept the engine running and pulled my c*** out to stroke it, they continued to have fun. Funnily, he came in her mouth about the same time that I exploded and then we all laughed and went to get something to eat. That was a wonderful, wild ride.

  • My wife just read ure story she said that not fair ure wife get all the fun she said she would give u fun and u could eat her she said she would wear mini skirt stockings and suspenders and make u happy and forget bout ure wife this turned me on do u want to meet my wife

  • H***, I love watching my wife with other men. She sucks and f**** them till her hearts content. I have my way with her too. She loves s**, who am I to deny her of that? She does not cheat on me, she don't have to. I've been with her with several of her lovers and he and I both have a great time. She has a TERRIFIC time!!

  • Find more men these days claiming this to turn them on!

  • I did an anonymous survey on two social media platforms several years ago. Survey was only men who were married or in long term committed relationship.
    Results were interesting:
    Only about 35% had experienced seeing or knowing their wives had been intimate with other men.
    More than 70% admitted they have fantasized about their wife with another man.

  • True

  • My wife started kissing our good friend, who is a bit younger than us, as a joke and funny teasing. It progressed to heave making out and groping. It turned me on so much to watch them make out. One night on our way home from drinking they sat in the back of my truck as a joke like I was thier driver. They made out while I watched in the mirror. Until he head disappeared in his lap. Then she stopped, reached up and turned my mirror up and told me to stop looking back there. I was a little freaked out. But I could hear what she was doing to him and I heard him finish in her mouth by his moans. When we got home we all came in and she told me to sit on the couch while she took him to our bedroom and locked the door. They made love Very loud. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. Hearing her tell him "oh yes", "don't stop" and to do it harder was so amazing. When he left they kissed so passionately it was incredible! She now has a few guys she has s** with. Sometimes she goes to thier house and I don't get to listen. My favorite thing to to help her pick out lingerie to wear for them and help her get dressed to have an encounter.

  • Nope now that’s fkd up. She doesn’t let you watch see or participate? Always alone or gone to another place! Sounds a bit like she wears the pants and controls the relationship. If that’s how the relationship is I’d be looking for outside encounters myself and let her know that I was. Just so she could see how it felt.

  • Been there loved it...1st time left her in pub returned to pck her up she kissed guy fully tongues seen...I went into toilet released my hard c*** and came with out touching my self..and 1st time I left her home all day with another guy the torment was unbearable ..got home she was cooking went to bed room soaking wet towel next to bed which smelt of sperm and bottom sheet and pillows were heavily stained..i nearly fainted am I in a bad place ?

  • My wife has kissed and f***** several men in front of me. I love it.

  • I would have wanted my wife to tell me she wanted to take him home to f***

  • I enjoyed watching my wife flirting then have s** with them. Favorite was with a black friend.

  • The old guy next door it was his birthday we took him out for a drink , when we got back home he came in for a drink sat next to my wife , I said to my wife give him a birthday kiss so she gave him a peck I said no a proper kiss , so she kissed him I said do it again she did this time for longer , it was hot he had his hand on her leg , I don't know why I blurted out put your hand up her skirt he did , my wife looked at me I said go on let him she parted her legs he was groping her she let him for a while , then she said no no more , when he left I said would you do it again she said if i really wanted her too , NEXTTIME

  • Happened to me. It turned me on so much we do it often now.

  • Absolutely normal. Don't you remember how bad you fell for older women? Your wife is attractive and she knows it. She was just reaffirming she can still manage to excite younger men. She knew you were watching and wanted to tease you, that's all. But what do you mean it was a "real passion kiss"? Did you get to feel her shortly after they kissed? Was she really wet?

  • My wife did the same thing. She is 42 yrs old and has a sexy figure. At the party she wore pantyhose, a very short dress and 4" heels. She jumped on a lap, he was a nice looking young black guy. Both had thier hands on each other. They began to kiss, soon passionately. This young black kid has his hand on my wife's crotch. This kid turns out to be my wife's boss. Watching them was mixed, on one hand I was jelous and envious, and on the other I was very aroused watching my wife being satisfied by a big black p****.

  • Don't want my wife to ever f*** a n*****. She can f*** all the white men she wants.

  • Yes saw my wife do same, she snuck off with him to suck his c***

  • My 45 year old wife kissed a younger man while out of town. She told me about it a few weeks later because she felt guilty. I was upset at first but then realized I liked that a younger man found her attractive. I said I only wished I could have watched so we went out a few times before she finally got another young man to kiss her so I could watch. It was very long and passionate and turned us both on. We now have "date nights" just so she can make out while I enjoy the show. She says it makes her feel more attractive and desirable. It makes me proud that younger men find her attractive so no harm in a kiss or two.

  • I have watched and enjoyed my wife being kissed and felt up at her office xmas party

  • I have experienced the same thing it makes me so h****


  • I wish

  • Ur a cuck

  • I like being a cuck

  • I think it's quite normal to want other men to find your wife as attractive as you do.

  • I love to watch guys coming onto my girl, it turns me on watching her flirting back with them, I like it when they hold her in a passionate way, She kissed one of them once on the dance floor, I told her how turned on i got, later on in the night I found her snogging him and touching each other in the corner, he was all over her i loved it, so I let him get off with my girl, I had the best s** ever when I got my girl home.

  • Yes brother

  • Kissing other people (with a couples understanding of Only kissing for fun and enjoyment) is harmless. My girlfriend and I can kiss others for pleasure but nothing more. The thing is, I haven't kissed anyone else yet she's kissed a lot of other guys when we've gone out! It's really not a big deal. She gets a make out session then that's it.

  • Get cucked

  • [QUOTE who="lewie 59"]have you ever watched your wife kiss another guy?[/QUOTE]
    Just back off holiday in italy wife was well, merry a bit drunk when dancing with two italians i spoke to them too throughout the night at the end we were all together her holding both there hands ( very unlike her) saying that she needed to find a nice irish girl for both of them as they were single and both handsome, talk got flirty as it turned out one had had 60 women ( wife loves a guy with experience always her fantasy) . They both paid her compliments she is 50 but looks very good, saying how sexy she looked and then they offered us a lift back to our hotel , i accepted and with that one of them wrote his facebook email tel mob all down on paper for my wife. when they dropped us off i said to her arnt you going to kiss them goodnight she kissed them both nicely then went to go i said no a proper kiss. It was when she turned round in her tight little trousers that she looked awesome a sexy naughty smile as she strutted back all eyes on her, she stopped looked Franco in the eye and kissed him passionately right in front of me , i said, now tongues ( i was so excited i could not help myself ) thats when she walked off i should not have pushed it so far but it was the sexiest night i had her every night after re-living what could have happened and how she told me she really fancied the bigger experienced guy. I should have let her move on to him at her own pace really wished i had.

  • Watched wife getting kissed while he reached down inside her blouse. She let it go on for a while then removed his hand. Right away his hand stroked up high on her thigh. Slowly. As the kiss lingered, her legs slowly parted. Then she squrmed, humped her butt gently up and down.
    Now their mouths opened an tongue wiped tongue. Silently I drove her he with him following. In the dark living room I sat back and look on as, always French kissing, they stripped and had a robust, sweaty s****. First on the couch, then after trying to break it off, down on the floor where he punched her across the room and back again.
    Three nights later I was compelled my wife to strip to the waist and then explain all the tiny scratch marks on my back. First my wife's lover's wife then the next night his eighteen year old daughter.

  • My wife told me about one of the young guys at her office party wanting to have s** with her she refused but she let him kiss her after the third kiss his hand went on to her left t** and she let him have a feel after the kiss finished she removed his hand then the next kiss resulted in his hand moving under her skirt she let him continue until she felt his hand gently stroking her p**** she took hold of his hand to remove it just as he entered his finger into her with the thrill she received she decided to let him continue to finger her. I now wonder just how far she will let him go the next time he kisses her.

  • If she is anything like my wife, he probably f***** her, but she just wasn't willing to admit it to you..

  • For sure!

  • Me and my mrs go a step further and play a type of Russian roulette. It includes what clothes she wears, where she goes out and when she comes home. The first time she pulled out the'stay out all night' token I was hrs all night. I get Sloppy seconds for the first time. What a turn on.

  • I love sloppy seconds after my wife has been freshly f*****. I've got to watch her too, and join in. It is so enticing and so much fun. She loves it. I know she has boyfriends and they f***...it's all so cool!!!!

  • I love tasting my wife when she is dripping another guys c**

  • Wow, we do the same. Challenges from dancing, flirting and getting a man to buy her a drink all the way to staying out all night. The following day is always amazing.

  • I'm not sure it's normal or not. I found this post because I was searching for some answers myself. My girlfriend made a kissing tutorial video for a school project with a male classmate, they had about 20 one minute videos on kissing (including tongue kissing). I joked about it making me jealous, secretly, I loved watching it. I can't figure out why I loved that so much.

  • So great. Can you post the links for that video?

  • Very hot. I went looking for my wife on night when it was late and she hadn't come home yet. Found her making out with a guy in his car, they were deep into it and he had his left hand on her t***. Very hot, i still fantasize about what would have happened if i hadn't shown up. I know they would have had s**.

  • My lovely wife got a ride home from a collegue very late after a work christmas party. I was told earlier not to wait up. They must not have thought I was awake watching or that they couldn't possibly be seen because I found myself watching the two shaddowy figures making out passionately. One was obviously my wife. I thought about going out and breaking it up for a split second until I realized how hard I had become. To my surprise and further delight I saw one head disappear as the other head eased back obviously in pure pleasuer. I found my heart start to pound as I rubbed myself throug my boxers My wifes head came up for a quick kiss and then dropped back down to his lap. When she was finally finished I ran to the bedroom and pretended to be roused as she entered the front door. Pretending to be sleepy, I asked her if she had a good time. She smiled and slurred that it was a blast. She usually doesn't drink much but tonight was an exception. I tried to kiss her but she protested and said she needed to use the bathroom. I knew for certain so to rinse her mouth out. Just a quick kiss I insisted and took her in my arms and planted my mouth on hers. I could taste his musky salty manhood and when she noticed how aroused I was, we began making out like young lovers in heat. Wow I had no idea was all she said. I just grinned and she cooed that she would be right back. She really did need to pee. When she came out of the bathroom we immediately embrace in another heated french kiss. We stumbled into the bedroom and proceeded to have the hottest time with each other in years! That was the first of many that we both choose not to talk about "the build up", but we enjoy every single time! When she asks me to please her down there with my tongue I know exactly what gift awaits me. I want to ask her if I can watch her some time but I don't want to spoil a good thing:)

  • Sounds like you 2 will have a long, happy marriage. are you happy just watching?

  • One time my friend visited me from over seas, i couldnt get time off from work so my wife offered me that she will show him around town, i dont know why i got the idea of tracking her on the find my iphone, and i noticed that they were going to the beach couple of times, i asked her and she said that is where he wanted me to take him
    i didnt notice that she wore a thong with him until i checked the laundry so i felt something was strange
    one time i followed them i saw them checkin in the hotel room near the beach so i knew they were making out
    she has a iud so she will never get pregnant from him

  • No baby but STDs an issue. Recommend you talk about no penatration til tested like real by/gf.

  • So, there's no problem. You should applaud your wife for doing what she wanted to do. I bet you had great s** afterwards. I love it when my wife f**** and sucks another man...great s** we have afterward!!!

  • ME TOO!!!

  • One day I came home early from work and heard soft music coming from my bedroom, as I went upstairs and looked into the bedroom a saw my 57 year Mexican wife making out with my next door neighbors son who was home from college for the holidays. He is a Young black 21 year old guy who is best friends with our son. My wife’s head was tilted upward with her eyes closed as he was biting and sucking on her neck. My wife’s dress was down at her waist and I noticed her bra on the floor he was pinching and playing with her nipples. Then I heard my wife tell him that she really missed him since their last time together. WHAT! obviously they have had s** befor. Well I watched have s** in my bed for the next 1/2 hour after which they took a shower together and again I heard them having s** as they showered. I hid in the closet as they came out and got dressed. My wife then holding his hand walked him to the front door where they began kissing again he again started kissing on her neck when she quickly gave him the best b******* I have ever seen. Then I heard them both say that they loved each other as he left. More to follow.

  • We are a Mexican married couple in our 50’s. My wife has a young black friend who she has been having s** with for about 5 years now. She always comes home and let’s me here the recording on her phone of them
    having s**. Then I eat his come out of her p****. We are both very happy.

  • Very hot

  • B.s. story

  • I do not think that is a normal reaction at all. You should have felt disrespected and violated. The kissing should have never happened in the first place.

  • D******* !

  • Why "d*******" - its his opinion and his feelings. While some of you perverts want your wife to be nothing more than a worthless w****, some men want their wives to be faithful, moral, and a real woman.

  • Since I posted this a year ago we have experimented with other guys. She has had s** with 3 different guys, 2 I watched and took part. Then in Spain I got 2 young guys to have s** with her. It is so liberating, and my partner is enjoying a new sexual life.

  • I have always liked my wife to go out looking sexy and s**** her when she comes back - she denies she loves being lusted over but I know she loves it as she is wet and excited when she comes back. would love her to take if further !

  • I have seen my wife kiss many men over the years and i find it a real turn on , so just enjoy watching her.

  • I once saw my wife kiss an old boyfriend it was a Christmas kiss in the middle of a grocery store dam I got the biggest h****** seeing that and I c** in my shorts

  • I love to see my wife kiss other men so just enjoy it.

  • I love to watch her really SNOG hard lipstick on slutty xx

  • If you want to text me about above

  • Me 2 way sexy

  • I saw my wife do it for the first time. She looked so sexy doing it. Now she is going to f**k him this week.

  • Its perfectly normal hormone reaction. I have a 32 year old stunning wife. She kisses other guys in front of me. I watched my best friend grope her ass. Iv watched her boss play with her t*** & the s** we have after that is amazing. Its a great way to spice up a s** life.

  • I watched another man kiss my wife on the sofa at a party and I loved it, particularly as she was so beautifully dressed. It was very flattering for her, and I liked being able to watch it going on from an angle that I would not normally get to see when I kiss her myself.

    But I would not want things to go any further than that.

  • Good man (",) My wife kisses another man at a party, She didn't tell me for 2months. Boy was I hard. Now she asked me to help her dress "for a kiss" when she is going out, She has had a fee kisses and groped and tells me about it when she comes home..I to like it when she gets other men hard. Next month she is going to an award dinner in London and staying over, And has my permission to have FUN. People might say were sick but I don't own my wife and we get off when she is turned on..I'm not jealous or possessive like those who mock.

  • Certainly don't pressure her into doing anything but it sounds like you're both getting off on this. More intimate groping is likely to get her all wet and the guy will certainly be raring to go so don't be surprised if she has a change of mind. If not, just enjoy it for what it is and f*** your brains out later.

  • That sounds great, think I would love to see her taken by another man. She said she enjoyed the kiss and the grope she wouldn't want to go al the way but wouldn't mind more intimate groping. Said she could feel him going hard which she enjoyed.

  • Being turned on by your wife kissing another man is not that abnormal. It happened to me. We were at a Christmas party and I saw my wife kissing another man rather seductively under the mistle toe. An hour later I caught them again. On the way home in the car I brought it up and asked if she enjoyed it. She blushed and said she did very much. He was such an excellent kisser. Suddenly I was quite turned on. A few days later we invited him to our home for dinner and that night I watched him in our bed kissing my wife and ****ing her.

  • Lights were dim in my friends living room as four couples slowly danced around. Saw my pretty wife getting kissed around her face, with no reaction from her. Soon his fingers clutched her chin and she got tenderly kiss, kiss, kissed on her lips. Still no cooperation from her. He smiled at her as his hands gently stroked her torso
    He got a tender smile back. His hand softly gripped her chin and now he gently gnawed at her cheeks and lips. Coaxing her lips apart a bit he worked over her lips with his tongue. Moments later he had pulled her mouth wide open. Licking deeply one hand rolled a breast around and around. A bit if this and she seemed to sag in his arms. Licking, working both b******, she put a hand up on his neck and went back at him with a will. He vigorously rubbed her crotch, delved inside her blouse and then up under her dress, his fingers inside her panties. I had a chance to see them in s back bedroom. She stood grinning as if in a trance as he stripped her then himself naked. She trembled and grinned rushing in and fearing to trod at the same time. It was short, sweaty him ramming in and she humping and clawing at the sheets with her legs straight up as if trying to walk on the ceiling. - When I drove my still sweating wife home she said that it was the first time with a man other than me. - In the weeks that followed we had many wild sessions in bed.

  • Yeah, not that unusual. If you want to take it further ask her if she wants a threesome with another man. See what happens and if it ends up being something you don't like don't blame her or yourself. You simply experimented.

  • I hear some guys are turned on by seeing their lady with someone else. Personally I don't get it. But if that works for you, go for it.

  • A lot of men get turned on by the sense that there is bit of competition for their wife or girlfriend.

    I get a real thrill from watching her flirt with other men, but I'd get insecure if it went any further than a kiss and a cuddle.

    Perhaps I'm a soft swinger at heart.

  • My girl loves getting guys rock hard when she flirts with them.

  • I have insecure feelings as well. I allow my wife to dance with other men at clubs. They get very animalistic toward each other with the grinding & grouping. She gets very turned on being in a strangers arms, feeling his hardened bulge pressing against her and feeling his hands caressing her body as they move to music, mesmerized by the lights and the energy of the crowd. She looks at me while she runs her hands along his hips with a sassy smirk knowing I'm am so aroused by the way she moves while he caresses her body. It's an intense, sexually stimulating sight that I crave. I encourage her to group the men and enjoy touching them the way they enjoy her body but she is content with being fondled and feeling a strangers hands on her body and rarely allows her fingers to venture beyond his arms, chest, abs and hips. I get my pleasure from experiencing her being pleasured. Sure there are some feelings of jealousy as I watch some younger, better built guy having his way with her but the pleasure she experiences is so great that seeing her in that state of arousal is way more overwhelming of an emotion than my petty feelings of insecurity.

  • Very accurate

  • It's better than v*****!

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