How is it not rape.

I'm a male and was raped by a female, f*** all of you right there that just rolled your eyes and said it wasn't rape. I was fourteen and my mom and her boy friend took me upstairs and tied me to the bed. The boyfriend was completly an incompatible match for her, he was gay and we all knew it. I screamed when he pushed my face in to the f****** pillow, I f****** told them to get there f****** g****** hands off of me. I f****** kicked him in the face, and when my f****** mom took my jeans off and started rubbing my genitals i f****** cried and screamed for help, we lived in an apartment. Yet Boone came for me. Boone heard my screams of f****** ignored them. Her boyfriend sat on my face so I would shut up. I wanted to bite him so bad. I started seeing spots when he finally got off and put a pillow over my face. My fuxking mom whispered in my ear that she was sorry but it would be okay, I would like this. I know her boyfriends gave me oral until I almost e********* but before I did someone wrapped shoe laces around my b****. I wasn't able to do anything. Instead over the next hour I was put through pain and unwanted orgasumes until they both finished having s** with me, when the strings were undone I e********* and never in my life have I been in more pain. Never. And people say you can't be raped by a woman. Yes, you f****** can.


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  • Yeah it happens though. I was raped by a pair of Woman Marines when they decided I needed to lose my virginity. I wasn't a virgin but they didn't believe me or take "NO" for an answer

  • Calm yourself down and plan out a rational solution to this. Your mom was weak and should suffer for allowing this to happen. The fact she played a part and was involved means you are better than her and if you want your revenge take it. You still need to talk to people over the rage issues you will now have. Was this the only time? Hate has a way of eating up people. Talk to someone you trust.

  • uh. you weren't raped by a woman. you were raped by a man.

  • STFU! Read the post again. His mom was there and didn't do anything to stop the attack. And the poster says "both" raped him. Regardless, it was a horrific incident for him.

  • Hey, brother! Dealing with horrific s*** that will never go away? Does no one believe you're a victim because your attacker is "weak and helpless" and you're so "strong and in control", especailly when you got attacked? ME TOO! We should form a book club and stone all the people who say this s*** isn't really rape.

  • Hey. F*** off! :) sweet

  • No eye rolling here. It does happen. It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man, when it's done against your is rape. I'm so sorry. You should definitely report both of them and get help to get through this. Contact: It's the rape, abuse, & incest national network. They have resources available to you to help you get through this.

  • You know what? Watch that movie "The girl with the dragon tattoo" and then feel inspired to take revenge. Find that man who did it, cut off his genitalia, without getting caught, and then hire someone to rape your mom.

    I don't know if telling the police now will help, because you don't really have any proof of what happened. Revenge is sweet though.

  • Yes, it's rape of the most vile sort. And there are laws against that, no matter how much time has passed. You deserve to feel no guilt.

  • I am so sorry that you went through that awful disgusting attack!And that your mother was responsible. You were actually raped by a woman and a so- called man! Please get some help, call a rape crisis center.If possible prosecute both of them!

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