The Thrill of the Forbidden

The topic of b********* has always intrigued me, especially women enjoying s** with big male dogs. I'm not sure why, but there's something about a woman taking *all* of what her k9 lover has to offer that secretly thrills me. I simultaneously love and hate the idea of doing something so darn naughty and sexually taboo. Sadly I've always been too scared to try it myself. Does anyone else feel this way?

Also, if any other women are brave enough to share your own stories and experiences with me, maybe I could find the courage to finally make the shift from fantasy to reality?

Dec 30, 2010

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  • It's very wrong . The creator made s** to be between a man a women .
    It's the worst thing a person can do sexually

  • Https://

  • First, to all of you who are not animals, which vegetable or mineral are you?
    If you believe in divine creation, then why does the human female G-spot and the X-spot get specially stimulated by the canine c*** and knot. Why would the Bible have so many prohibitions against things not done by many.

    Next dogs put themselves into a human family, they are the first animal domesticated by tens of thousands of years. The hunt cooperatively and human females love the doggy position.
    I have known a number of women who loved K9 and most it is not about hot s**, but a loving mate and powerfully raw sexual experience. They find this balances the spiritual emotional experience they have with men.
    I will not imagine the small minds here to understand. That would require the ability to think for yourselves rather than follow the lead sheep.
    To those women who have or want, listen to your heart. It is an amazing experience.

  • Dogs are for girls, Pigmy goats make great lovers for guys

  • I agree with the post above

  • I think it's hot! I wouldn't ever hurt the animal, but getting f***** by a big male dog would be erotic as f***!

  • uhhh. so are you basically saying that it would be OK to have s** with an animal if we know of all the dangers and risks, and that's a reason not to do it? get the f*** out of here. I don't support b********* anymore than you do but that was the stupidest thing I've read all day

  • Everyone else mentioned the moral implications to do with animal abuse, I simply offered yet another ethical reason, not to.

    And that is why she wants to do it, because it is morraly taboo - so I didn't think that argument would appeal to her sensabilities.

    Don't put words in my mouth, I am simply not going to insult the girl - that would only fuel her reason not to listen to me.

  • "K9 lover?" A dog cannot be a "lover" to women!"naughty" is what you call having s** with a dog? What it really is is abusing an animal and so absolutely debased it is BEYOND sickening!

  • I thinking you are seeking the high from the sexual taboo - somewhat akin to 2 underage teens having s** despite their parents disapproval.

    The problem is that you are exceeding the thresh-hold of this high into unsafe experimental ground.

    What I fear may of neglected to consider is the possible un-studied sexual viral, and bacterial transmission from animal to human. Of wish you could potentially damage future men within your life through s**.

    Although small, and remote, you could potentialy introduce a new STD into main stream society.

    I know there are numerous b********** porns made available however I am sure these p*** actreses are only checked for known human infections - and probably do suffer in latter years to un-known illneses, or become carriers of such.

    I'm not calling you,"sick" I am just pleading you seek a healthier alternative.

  • Is there no depth of depravity some will seek ?

  • Gross! leave the animals alone!

  • I think there's something genetically incorrect in your brain. Please don't buy a huge male dog and see a doctor instead. Don't confuse an animal, please...

  • ...what about *the dog*? If I was an animal and my owner made me f*** a human, I would be confused for the rest of my life.

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