S** with an Alien

Before I met my lovely fiance, I used to fantasize about having s** with a 300 or 400 year-old female alien (I imagine they would live so long; being so advanced).

Just like how we don't find animals we deem to be below us in evolution un-attractive sexually. I think at times that Aliens are even sexier than we are but we are simply programmed by nature to find our-selves sexy.

Just like how dogs are attracted to other dogs, and not people in a sexual sense.

Usualy, in my fantasy, the female alien has large black eyes, b******, and some curvature in resemblance to female humans.

But she is beyond intelligent, and beyon wisdom in our sense of the words.

I've fanatsized to, that I would leave the Earth forever to be with my alien love - to experience a life that one would find uncomprehendable here on earth.

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  • I to dream about being take by many aliens but I am a girl only 15 years old and I can't tell mom or anyone I know about my dreams and they happen several times a week for the past year and it's the same thing, over and over and lately I wake finding myself masturbating.

  • This is actually outlined in the Bible. The so-called "aliens" are not "aliens" but a rank of fallen angel called "watchers". 200 of them came to Earth on Mount Herman (in Israel) thousands of years ago. They took human females as "wives". The Children that were born to these females are known as Nephilim. They were giants (some 135 feet tall), and had ugly personalities - they were also cannibals, ate humans alive, and guess what? They're coming back, in fact, some are already back. The "alien" abductions that people have been experiencing especially since WW II, is, in fact, a eugenics program to help them "blend" in with us to advance the kingdom of Satan. Call on the Lord Jesus Christ, and He will protect you from them. This is no joke.

  • it is very nonsense.why do you need to imagine aliens instead of your lovely fiance?please spend your time for useful things!

  • ...you know what? A lot of people think about having s** with aliens. I think if we ever make First Contact, alien s** will be a new creepy thing we have to deal with. Or, not so creepy, if the aliens look kinda like us. Like the aliens from Avatar or the Vulcans from Star Trek or something.

  • That's some active imagination...

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