Step daughter's s** video

I found a s** video on my adult step daughter's computer that she made with her husband.

I've only known her as an adult, and she is beautiful! I've had the hots for her for as long as I can remember. She lived at home for a while, and I used to peek in on her when she showered -- I loved to watch her shave her pretty legs. When she wasn't home, I would m********* while sniffing and sucking on her dirty panties while laying in her bed. On two occasions, she's eaten my c** that I shot into food that she left in the fridge.

She doesn't live at home anymore, but I recently got access to her computer. After a little searching, I came across her s** video and managed to copy it without her knowing it.

I watch it at least once a week now and love to j******* while I watch her sucking and f****** him. I could tell that she was shy at first, but I could see her make up her mind when she exposed her t*** and started playing with them. She has the most beautiful t***! I love the way they bounce nakedly as she pulls of her nighty. She goes into a reverse cowgirl, slides his c*** inside, and starts riding up and down. At one point she lays back and spreads her legs to take him, and she looks at the camera as she raises her exposed p**** -- she's gotten into it now! She then turns around to face him, climbs onto him, and slowly, voluntarily, takes him in her ass! She starts slowly, but quickly builds up until she's riding his c*** like she's in the rodeo and eventually comes this way screaming "I'm coming!!!" I love watching his d*** slide out of her ass when she climbs off. She bends down and finishes him off in her mouth, licking him clean when he's done.

Sometimes I'll watch it when she's here and I can get away with it. More than once we've locked eyes and exchanged smiles while I've discreetly watched her video.

Dec 31, 2010

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  • Yeah, my husband secretly copied his brother's s** tape with his then wife. We both watched it. I'm glad I married the right brother but since seeing the tape, I know what she saw in him...

  • You mind sending me that video or sending me a link I'd really enjoy it

  • We should probably have a party! A SEXY PARTY!

  • You mean you saw my video? That is way sexy. Maybe we should have a threesome.

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