Best Birthday S** Ever

The best birthday s** I had was this past summer and we were also about to celebrate our first year of marriage. I am short and petite. My b****** are adequate for my size and I do enjoy the pleasure that it brings to my husband and me. My birthday is in May and this year it fell on a Friday. I had gotten home early from work and changed into some thong undies, a short jean mini skirt, and a white tank top. I actually went braless. I thought that I had a few hours before my husband got home. So, I had some time before getting ready to go out for supper.

I went outside onto the patio and made myself comfortable in a lounge chair (to read a book). About an hour goes by and the next thing I know my husband is standing over me butt naked. I was so surprised to see him at home and that he was naked. He takes me hand and stands me up. My husband pulls me close to him, pressing my b****** up against him. I could feel him getting an erection. As we kissed, he began rubbing his hands along my sides, making his way to my b******. He moved his hands up inside my shirt and was cupping his hands over my b******. I took a step back so that he could take my shirt off. We continued to kiss. My husband moved to my b******, kissing and caressing them. He would suck and lick my nipples. I could feel myself getting really, really wet. I began to rub my c******* as continued to work on me. He was doing such a great job on my b****** and nipples that I actually came.

We move over to a shaded area under a tree with lots of grass. We kissed a little more and my husband, knowing that I like to watch him m********* began to spend some quality time with his already erect p****. I knelt down in front of him and took over. I started by giving him a handjob and then I licked and kissed his p**** before putting him into my mouth. I. He came into my mouth and I swallowed. I had been wanting to do that for awhile but never had the nerve. I told him that I wanted him to c** into my mouth and to swallow for my birthday. I know that sounds like it would be more for him, but it wasn't as bad I thought it would be. My husband knelt down beside me pulled me close. He began kissing me again and his hand started to rub my c*******. I leaned back, with my husband pulling off my thong. I spread my legs so that my husband could work his magic tongue and fingers all over my very wet and now sensitive p****. I rubbed my b****** and nipples while he worked away. It wasn’t long before I peaked and came. I told him that I wanted him inside of me so bad and that I wanted him right then. He smiled and said that he wanted to be inside of me. He rubs his p**** over my c******* and I began to feel like I was going to c** again. Before I could reach an o*****, my husband begins to put his p**** inside of me. My hips began to move in motion with him. He started pounding his p**** into me like there was no tomorrow. When I came, he kisses and rubs my b****** and then he flips me over and starts doing me – doggy style. That got me ready to c** again but I wanted to get on top of him and ride his gorgeous p****. His length and thickness are so nice and is very orgasmic. I got on top of him and began riding his p**** like I was at a rodeo. I started to scream and talking very dirty to my husband. He enjoyed the screams and the dirty talk, but most importantly, he was enjoying the view of my perky b****** bouncing , and the satisfaction that he was able to give me. I could feel the contractions of his p**** inside of me and I knew that he was about to c**. That made me ride him even faster, hoping to have us both c** at the same time. He began to moan and he was moving faster as well. To our satisfaction, we came at the same time. It was so nice to have his c** inside of me. After we came, I collapsed on top of his body. It was the best s** we had ever had. We never did make it to our dinner reservations.

Although, the s** was great for us our neighbors weren’t too thrilled with us. They were just getting home from picking up their kids from school (ranging in ages from 12 to 16, both girls and boys). We apologized for them hearing us. We tried to explain that it was a surprise birthday gift (outdoor s**). I told them that I hadn’t been expecting it in our own backyard. Fortunately, the 15 and 16 year old neighbor boys didn’t see anything (but they got an earful). They have since forgiven us for it, especially since we all go to the same church, but it is a little akward because every now and again the boys will look at us, especially me, and have this look of awe and excitement (probably horniness). I’m sure that they have gotten off on the thoughts of my husband and me having mad and passionate birthday s**.

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  • That is, by far, the best confession I have read. I am going to save this and m********* to it on more. By the time I finished reading this, I had c**.

  • I bet those mothers wish their husbands would do them like your husband did you. Next time video tape it and post it. I'd love to see it.

  • That is so sexy. I wish my husband would do something like that to me.

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