Happy, f****** new years.

Today, is or was new years. So I lose count. Jokes on you. You should neve ask me for the date. Because very oh so surly, I don't give a silly little f***. I found myself, drowning myself with booze and the best damn music I could find, someone, down below me, asked me, why, exactly, it is people drink on new years. Obviously this person lives in a rock, in one. People, are f****** shitheads that will always let you down, they won't atick around and everyone, everyone out there will always never give a f*** about anyone else, but there very own selves, that is why. Some people drink on new years. Some people just don't give a f***. And some people call it celebrating. Welcome to life f*******. It's a giant shithole full of maggots feasting off one another. Ha. Ha. I could really use a bullet right now. Boom! That's another reason drinking is for the drunks and new years. It's that or killing yourself. I'd like to see the end of this tunnel, the grass of the other side, the glass half full, these maggots turn into butterflys. It's a joke isn't it? I'm going to go through suffering through life forever, aren't I? No? Whatever then. And before these absoultly annoying comments come in, I don't give a f*** what you think, have to say, or anything at all. Go make your own damn postly confession. Yes? Great. F***. Off. And have such a happy hoilday.

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  • Not a great start to 2011, sounds like.

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