Truth or Dare S**

I am embarassed by something that I did in high school. As a teen, I was the girl-next-door. I wasn't beautiful, but I was pleasing enough...just this side of pretty, if that makes sense. I knew that guys looked at me and I looked at them. I went out with a few guys but nothing ever happened.

When I was 16 (11th grade) and at a sleepover we decided to play truth or dare. One of the girls suggested that we make it a sexual version. Asking questions about sexual experience, daring each other to do things like taking off our shirts to show off our b******, to m********* ourselves, call a guy that we liked and ask him if he wanted to have phone s** (if he did, then go through with it), etc. I wasn't too in to the idea, especially since I was a virgin but I went along with it. I was dared to have s** with a girl. I didn't know what to do. But, I ended up having s** with one of the other girls there. The girl I had s** with was known for having s** with guys and girls. It felt really good. I was embarassed about how good it felt, especially since I had an o*****. I was devestated when I got to school the following Monday to find out that it had all been a set up. The girls had set up a small camera in the room and video taped the s**. They sent it to some of their other friends (both guys and girls). I eventually saw the video. I got sick knowing that half the school saw the video. Some of the teachers even saw it. Some of the girls started calling me names, trying to imply that I was a lesbian. I wasn't a lesbian then and I'm not a lesbian now. The number of guys that asked me out reduced drastically. And the guys that did ask me out wanted me to be in a threesome with them and the girl from the video. They'd ask me this after kissing me and as they'd rub my b****** or as they were trying to stick their hands up my skirt. I always said no, but then, they'd tell their guy friends that they had s** with me.

I didn't have s** with a guy until I was in my second semester of sophomore year. I dated the guy, my then boyfriend for a year (started dating my second semester in college). After we had been dating for awhile, the topic of s** came up. I told him what had happened in high school and that I was hesitant about having s**. He wasn't a virgin but he knew that I was. We did have oral s** but it was awhile before we had vaginal s**. He had been patient with me about having s**. It hit me one day, when I was listening to him talk about something that he was passionate about. I was very turned on by him, sexually and intellectually. All I could remember was that I blurted out that I wanted to have s** with him. He seemed surprised because we hadn't talked about it in awhile. He took it slow, he was so good about it. Even though, it hurt a bit, when he first started, it felt really nice. He was very gentle and was very good at making it feel good. Even though we broke up the next year, I'm glad that I lost my virginity to him.

Jan 2, 2011

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  • Is there any girls in Missoula that want to have there p****** licked and sucked I love to eat p****

  • I would love to lick a girls p****

  • I'm sorry but why the f*** do you put * on lesbian? like that's a bad thing?

  • You sound nice

  • Can i f*** you i am 23 with a 7' c*** and you sound hot and sexy

  • if you live anywhere near me lemme know ill drop the s*** outta those guys. why would they do that to you? sorry to hear it :(

  • just don't give too much trust ..

  • I am really sorry that those morons did that to you :( But i don't understand, if you weren't a lesbian, why did you do it?

  • Because maybe some girls like to experiment with their sexuality, moron.

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