S** is way overrated

I just don't care about s**. Never really did.

I think it's sad that the world seems so preoccupied with it, to what is really more a selfish gratification process for most people now, rather than some "gift" shared between 2 people in love, or the means by which future generations will be ensured for humanity's survival.

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  • Never discuss things you don't really understand, because your opinion will be most likely wrong.

  • There are a lot of things in life, that a person will never understand.But that doesn't mean, that there isn't any truth, within a person's opinion, regarding anything.
    Just like your statement.Who gives you the right, to dictate to someone, that their opinions are wrong?! Probably, the same human rights, that the above commentator, exacted. So pull that stick, out of your ignorant ass!! You aren't superior, compared to anyone else. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions and be heard. Just like your ignorant ass, does.

  • I applaud your enlightenment on sexual issues. Yes, it should be a gift shared between 2 people. And people are too preoccupied with it. All they can think about is what those t****** might look like wrapped around their c***, how that big bulge in his pants might feel deep inside the love nest, how a light smacking that round ass might sound as you're pounding her from behind. There's too much of that. I agree.

  • Thanks for the head's up. I won't waste any time on you. I'll find someone who enjoys bumping uglies. You keep on with your life.

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