C** in her things...

I live with a not-hot-but-pretty girl roommate who goes out of town from time to time. I literally save up large quantities of my c** and smear it over anything I can get my hands on in her room. It's such a turn on knowing she's basically covered with my c** everyday. These are the things I've came in/on:

-spread evenly over her pillowcases and things she'll touch. ipod earphones, every switch/k***/handle, keyboard and mouse, etc

-crotch of panties and thongs. on whites with repetition, it looks like natural stain that didn't wash off, but most don't even leave a stain no matter how much c** i use to soak it. the idea of that thin fabric wedging itself in her p**** and petite ass drives me crazy

-i found those 'nipple stickers' girls wear, i guess for somewhat sheer materials and no bra? regardless i made sure to put enough c** on the nipple part

-parts of her heels, flats, flipflops and sneakers where stains will be less noticeable and her feet would make most contact. i actually ruined one of her leather shoes with c**, but thankfully she blamed the rain.
-toilet seat, shampoo, soap, lotion, facial cream, and anything she will put on her bare skin. c** is very different from any lotion or cream, so i had to look for specific types that would unnoticeably 'dissolve' large quantities of c**

-stood on top of her bathroom sync and jizzed all over the mirror. the marks blend in perfectly with other toothpaste stains. every day she stares right into my c** stains and has no idea

-things that she will put in her mouth: listerine, toothpaste, toothbrush, tongue scraper(win), disposable floss... i've dissolved in so much of my p*** and c** in her mouthwash that it tastes different. i put enough c** on her toothbrush and tongue scraper to turn its color yellowish off-white. each time i check back, the stain's been rubbed on her lips and teeth, and the juice licked by her tongue so it's back to white.

-she always keeps a number of water bottles in her room. i open every one of them, remove the plastic rings and other evidence that would show that it's been tampered with, and dissolve my c** in them careful of any 'chunks'. i put enough c** on the mouth of the bottle and let it dry before re-sealing it (because if not, the c** smells a lot when bottle is opened later)

well I'm probably missing a bunch of stuff, and i don't know if anyone will even read this, but it definitely feels so much better getting it off my chest

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  • Eww man, wtf, you are just disgustingly messed up. imagine another gay man doing it to you without you knowing for you whole college yrs.

  • How much j*** can one man make?

  • That is messed up. You have some psych issues dude.

  • I have c** on roommates s** toys before. Then keep checking back to see when it is used. She is single but only seems to m********* once a month. Just after her period is over. I have to m********* 2 twice a day. I wish I had her power to not do it so often. Maybe she only uses the s** toys once a month, and uses her hands a few times through the month. I have it set up, so I can see her bed from the attic through her bathroom vent fan. One time I think I saw her masturbating under the covers using he hands to rub. But I am not positive. It was sexy to think I was catching her in the act, but it was the same time around when she grew her pubes back in. So she could have been just digging at an ingrown hair. Oh well, either way she doesn't j*** off that often. I wish she did more.

  • Coffee Creamer is a good one too. If you just keep c****** on things that go in her mouth, they get used to the taste of c**, to the point they don't taste it. Now I can "accidentally" c** in my wife's mouth during a suck job. At first she doesn't notice. Then when she does she spits it in my belly button. She said last time "I didn't know you came, don't c** in my mouth again." But no gagging or throwing up anymore. I only c** in her liquid coffee creamer, shampoo, and on her toothbrush. One time when she was away, I came in the crotch of every pair of underwear she had. Unfortunately she hasn't worn underwear in over 10 years now. So it was a waste of 30 days of c**.

  • Love it all.... so hot!

  • Did you ever think that she knows what you do and likes it too?

  • If you put half the time and effort you do spreading your j*** around into something like, I don't know, actually pursuing a relationship, you might find some poor girl willing to share your warped little world.

  • Yes this is funny as h***. Almost as funny as the time I came in your mouth while you were sleeping. You woke up gagging. Remember that?

  • Dude i must say... i have to applaud you... Stare into the miorr everyday and see your c** and dosent even know it XD the toothbrush... now that water idea that was perfect... but honestly just go f*** her and keep up im looking forawrd to more storys

  • youre a sick b****

  • wtf! is wrong with you !!!!

  • He has seriously issues !!

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