Will this continue forever? A "dirty s**" confession..

Ok. Here we go..

I feel like I'm mentally disturbed...

The things I like and I want to do during s** is not so usual.
I'm into the dirtiest things.. Not like pain or torture stuff. But dirty, nasty things.. You can imagine... (P******, spitting, foot, even scat.)

But there aren't a single girl that would do these stuff on where I live.

I've never even heard of a girl that does anything like that.

I had some girlfriends and slept with most of them. But, I never enjoyed it. So I started not dating to girls that I know won't do these things. And day by day I'm losing interest to them.. But I don't like boys too..

If I'm losing interest to girls and don't like boys, what will I become?

I really need to find that girl. Or I'm afraid, I'm gonna get in some serious trouble..

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  • my girlfriend would s*** on u if u paid her lol

  • LOL they exist! Try the Internet? But don't do scat because you/she could get e. coli poisoning.

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