Work + b**** = nightmare!

I recently started my new job and there is this really nasty b**** there! She trys to make comments to put me down or embarrass me and she thinks she is top s***! She is preggars but that is no reason to be such a moody fat cow! She has a husband and I swear he is gay but she is just to dumb to realise it. Question is should I leave or stick it out and wait for her to go on preg leave? Frustrated! I've even thought about getting her back but it's just not in my nature although I'd love to!

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  • You could always kill yourself. That would be nice!

  • I have the same problem with a b****-demon at my work. Except she's not preggers so no chance of relief any time soon. If you like the job, don't let some unhappy person ruin it for you. It's likely that you are not the only person who has a problem with her attitude. Speak to a superior

  • Apparently she was a b**** before she got pregnant. I never say anything to her or have done anything to make her this nasty. I think its just her and the way she is all the time.

  • Maybe she will be better after having the baby. Although, I wonder if she was like this before being pregnant.

  • Take some deep breaths. She will be on maternity leave before you know it. When/if she returns, if the attitude is still there bring up her behavior to a supervisor. Or when she says something rude, just smile and ignore it, walk away. But you can suck it up until she's gone.

  • Write PEDO on her garage door! then the Laughing cow will soon go quite...

  • She is about 5 months along now, and since ive been there she has been a b**** even her husband has told me she is moody and doesn't let him mow the lawn or s*** like that. He was more interested in my partner then anyone else when we all had to go out one night. I would love to tell her what I think, just don't want to "stress" her out cause of the baby. Poor child will come into the world with one f up mother. All she does at work is talk on the phone bout her own retarded family and s*** like that. Lazy!

  • How far along is she? Has she always been a t***? Maybe you could say something to get her to shut up. I know this is mean and I know that I would most likely never say anything like this but you could ask her, "Who's the father of your baby? Your husband is too gay to have gotten you pregnant."

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