I want to f*** my best friend's dad

I am a 19 yr.old female, that obsesses with my best friends dad. He is 42 and so hot! I've spent alot of time with their family during H.S. I started having a crush on him at 16. I overheard one of my mom's friends(she actually dated him, when they were in H.S.)admit to having s** with him back then.She said he was hung like a horse, and could go all night! That's when I first began to fantasize about him.I know he is attracted to me as well. He has never said or done anything, I can just see it in his eyes(which are gorgeous by the way!!). I have "flashed" him many times, and even let him "accidently" walk in on me totally nude. He took a long look, then walked back out. Never speaking of it. I even snuck in their bedroom, wiped my sopping wet p****, on his pillow, and boxers! I want to make his c*** hard! For me! I"ll do anything for him! I fantasize about sucking him all the time! I want to feel him explode inside me. I ran my fingers past his nose, after I'd went to the restroom (fingering myself, about him),a cpl of days ago. He looked at me kinda funny, smiled, and said "Nice". I know he knew what it was. I just hope it got him hard for me. He has been looking at me more. I try and wear skirts or dresses, whenever I go to their house. So, I can give him a "peek". He just smiles that wicked smile at me now. I think he's begun to like it, and looks forward to me now. I love their family, and his wife. But if he wants me, I know I'll gladly give him whatever, and as much as he wants!


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  • You need to make the first move and let him know you will never say anything. When I was 14 I was the same way with my best friends dad. My brother was dating my best friend so I practically lived there. He was all I could think about!!! Nothing ever came of it and we all grew apart. He knew I wanted him and it flattered him. But never did anything about it.
    I am 31 now and he actually just contacted me me and told me he needed to talk to me. He said I was just a young girl then and he knew he couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t risk us or his daughter. He loved me to much for that and he loved his daughter more than anything. He just wanted me to know he felt everything I was feeling and he has always thought of me even to this day. He feels if he had done anything then he wouldn’t have had self control and would have wanted me all the time. He dreamed of being my first and knew he pcould have but felt it wasn’t right at the time. He regrets it now!!
    I am married now with kids.. I am happily married but this brought back so many feelings I have had supressedbfor so many years. I feel 14 again. We talk everyday and fantasize but we both know we lost our chance and we could have a second chance but he respects me about how it could effect me and my children.

  • What the f***

  • You have to make up your mind, and confront him. You never know how these things turn out. It can be a good experience or a bad one. I had s** with my friend's Dad, from 15 till his accident, when I was in College. It was amazing. I hate that we had to lie to my friend, and her Mom, but, he taught me so much. As far as I know, no one ever knew about us. Our s** lives were much more alike the he and his wife. We both had a very high drive. I miss him tremendously!

  • A couple weeks ago I lost my virginity to my stepdad. He’s 52 and soooo hot. I fantasize about him all the time! Sometimes I would wear my shortest skirt and a bikini so he could get a peek at my p**** and t***. He would always say “Wow you look so sexy, I wish your mother was this hot, I might as well divorce her and marry you so I can f*** you and suck your v***** all day! When that would happen I would say “ F*** me daddy F*** me till I die. Then he would pick me up take me to his secret Play room and whip me on my fat ass. He was very rich so he had many rooms my mom didn’t know about. He then stuck his c*** up my ass and I moaned and groaned and said “Ahhh thank you for taking that Virginity away from me know I can f*** anyone without being guilty!!! But before I could suck his c*** my mom came into the room and said what the f*** are you doing?????? Daddy said “ I’m f****** your daughter, I mean her p**** and t*** are better than yours soooo I wanted to f***.” Then my mom said “You know what your such a pervert and she told me Carlie you know what if you wanna f*** this man and have him use you than go ahead because I’m leaving for good!” Me and Vecilli (my dad) didn’t care we just f*****. Now we moved to a private beach where me and my father are married and we f*** all day. Let me give you advice if you love your dad or your friends dad f*** them even if your underage and run away!!;)) that’s what bad b****** with wet p***** do!!!

  • I know how you feel I was also thirteen and i have been f****** my friend dad for six months now. I was staying over my friends one weekend and decided i was going to f*** her dad so i said i was going to take a shower. When i heard him coming up the stairs i deliberated walk out off the bath room naked and went to my friend's bedroom,he looked at my nakedness and said your look very sexy and very f******* and i love would to slip my c*** up your p**** and f*** you till c**. I replied oh yes please I can't wait for you to f*** me and take my virginiy wear is Katy your daughter, she as just go shopping with her mother so we have plent time to f*** one another.We quickly went to his room and he began to kiss me as I slowly undid his flies and got his c*** out it was about seven inches long and solid as a rock, he said why don't you suck on it sweet heart as he dropped his trousers.He then got naked and picked me up and lay me on the bed and got between my thighs and began to eat me out driving his tongue all the way in my f**** as i sucked his c***. I then felt him begin to c** filling my mouth with all his s**** and i swallowed it, it taste quite sweet he then said i am going to put my c*** in your c*** now and f*** you ok, i said oh yes please Mr smith i have been wanting you f*** me for sometime now and with that he got between mt legs and fed his c*** in my virgina and slowly worked it in me till he felt my hymen, he stopped and said i am going to take your virginity are you ready sweetheart,i replied oh yes Mr smith he said call me Tom I said yes Tom f*** hard and make me a women so he pulled almost out and then drive his c*** all the way in me taking my virginity with him. I gave a scream as he ripped though my hymen and suck his wonderful c*** in me. We f*** for about twenty minuites untill he fired all his c** in my womb luckily i have not started my periods yet so he wont get me preganant we have been f****** every chance we get now.

  • I agree I’m 15 and i was a virgin but i was at my friends house and I took a shower there. My friend and friends mom were gone to get groceries and I was fantasizing about f****** my friends dad he was 53 and so hot sometimes I would wear my crop top and shortest skirts so he could have a sneak at my p**** and sometime he would rub it. But then I came over to him naked and said I know you want me and I want you c***. He picked me up took me to his room and disciplined me by hitting my ass I moaned and moaned until he said let me see your p****. I said gladley Daddy :) He nibbled and nibbled and licked and i never wanted it to end. I started sucking his c*** he started pushing my face back and fourth and it felt so good. He said do you wanna f*** and loose your virginity. I said yes baby I wanna feel you c*** inside of me. So he stuck it in and I screamed and moaned I didn’t want it to end. Now I constantly f*** him. We’ve been keeping this up for 2 months and he just divorced his wife and my friend live in another state with his ex wife. He said he wants to marry me and I want the same. He said you can be my s** toy and I will look be you forever. I want the same and we are gonna run away!

  • You are going to need to make the first move. High quality men don't want to be seen as perving on young women. A nuber of my daughter's friends have had s** with me. one of the earliest used to come to me for advice. Her parents were uptight, strict Christian a*******, totally just wear a sack cloth and do not think. She finally confessed she wanted to learn about s** and would I teach her. When my daughter found out, she was totally p***** at me until her friend set her straight. Seems like the girls talked after that because I had to tutor and number of young ladies in the "arts." Might tell your friend first, and let her know you are serious. or not. But you need to just let him know, you want his help.

  • You should make the first move and see what happens .... !!!
    You will enjoy it

  • You need to make the first move... He won't be game. Set a time up when you know you'll be alone with him for a while. Go to the bathroom and come out completely nude. Guide his hands over your b**** then blow him. He'll remember you forever!
    Then let it settle for a bit to see if you both want more a few weeks later.
    Enjoy :)

  • When I was 20 I hooked up with my friends Dad that was 50.
    My dad died when I was in the 6th grade and he became my second father. They have a house upstate NY and they would take me there in the summer for two weeks. One day me and my friend went to the local swimming hole but I forgot my towel at the house. I walked back up and peeked in the window and saw her dad jerking off with one of my thongs. I walked inside and I said what are you doing and he was beat red and said nothing. We actually started making out and I jerked him off.

  • Do it, it will be fun.

  • I blew my friends father on a ski trip. I was 19 he was 42 and hot. I don't regret anything. He was divorced and I was h**** at the time. We were both adults and we both made that decision. If your under the age of consent do not even think of it.

  • Hi. Im a dad too. Wish I had a experience like u gave

  • Set up a meeting with him someplace public and casual - coffee shop - to talk about something you know he's interested in. Dress sexy. Flirt with him and ask him to help you with something at your flat or wherever. Get him in the car and come on to him and he'll be putty in your hands. He won't say anything and you won't either. Do it - you won't regret it!

  • you're f****** disgusting, and you're f****** stupid. leave the girl's father alone you stupid b****

  • when you think about s** with your relatives (dads, moms, sisters ...) , may be you will discharge your sexual desire for few seconds, but you have to know that you will miss the meaning of peaceful wonderful innocent feelings with your mom or dad or sister or brother...you will miss your family which represents the best people in your life . the price for such pleasure is so high. any deviation from the normal s** will destroy your life.

  • I would totally f*** him he aounds hot and I'd like ubthe go for it!!:D

  • Girl go for it he want too and will f*** your tight little p**** I know I will hit us back let us know how okay I'm gonna go.it it were for u

  • Hey. I need help. My best friends dad is really cute and hot and all but I am only 13 and he is 36. Maybe I am just going through. A stage or something but I really like him. I don't do what this girl does but i think he likes me too. What do I do?

  • Why don't you caual let see up your skirt and give him a big smile at the same time

  • i dont think your slutty cause im 14 and my best friends brother is f**** my brains out every time i go over ther

  • i know who this is! Leave my husband alone... you fake B!

  • You're a man and stupid.

  • You people are so mean, and judgemental! This is purely, a sexual thing to me. I know it would be for him as well. He loves his wife. I DO NOT want to break up his marriage! I love them all. Still, I do crave him! It turns me on, so much, the way he looks at me. The way he looks at my ass. The way he smiles at me, when he get a peek up my skirt, just makes me melt! Thinking about his big c***....all of that really turns me on, immensely! But,I WILL NOT make the first move! I just know that if he moves on me...I would be at his command! As for keeping quiet...I would NEVER, EVER speak of this. Other than on here, where it would remain anonymous!

  • This is going to be fun.. I can see how this one's going to end. He'll never leav his wife for you, you'll always have feelings for him so after you f*** him you'll ruin everyones lives like the psycho that you are! Good luck!

  • Sounds like you are well on your way. As a 40something man, I know he is quite flattered, and turned on by your actions. How could he not be? 19, and hot to f***, you're a dream c** true! Trust me, he KNOWS what you're wanting. I'm sure it has happened several times already, in his mind. He also knows how bad things will be, should this ever be found out. As hot as I'm sure you are, it's hard to put your trust in a 19 yr.old. They just have to tell someone! If he feels he can trust you....your brains are going to be f***** out....till you tell that one person, then he will find out how f***** he really is.

  • f*****

  • You sound just like some trashy ass b**** s***! Oh, yeah, that is what you really are!

  • You're nearing the finish line, I'd say. You've got this guy thinking about f****** you, you're willing, obviously, so it's only a matter of the opportunity presenting itself. You should find a way of getting him alone and make your move. Even if by some miracle he doesn't go for it you'll be OK because he'll find it very flattering.

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