I use to love making love with my husband. but after i had our child it all changed. I have a low s** drive now because its not enjoyable anymore. i was told that having a baby changes your body. i dont enjoy s** because i dont have much feeling down there anymore, and when i do it hurts. its been 7 years and no changes. i know s** isnt everything but, my health has also dwindled because of complications as well.

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  • You sound like you do it for breeding only - once every other year, just to make a baby. You probably grew up in a house where the words "s**" and related were forbidden and considered evil. Honey, you either learn how to open your legs and pretend you enjoy it every time he needs it (rule #1: never say NO !!!) OR wait for the moment when a bimbo will give him what he needs, because it will happen eventually if you keep telling him that "baby stuff", but then he will leave you, no matter how much he loves you now. Men don't like to hear that their wife "is not a woman" anymore.

  • You're right, having a baby changes you're body. It changes everything! Like sleep habits. You feel tired all the time. A loss of energy. It also lulls us into this saintly view of motherhood, and we start feeling like we no longer need s**, let alone want it! Think about it. I almost lost my husband because of my laziness, and self-pity, after the birth of our child. Don't be guilty of the same, with yours. I promise you, there are many women out there who want, and are very willing, to have s** with a married man!

  • Your marriage is doomed if you don't fix this problem. Seriously.

  • got o local s** shopo and try coochie creams. whoopie, orgaxmix, scream cream, etc.

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