I had s** for the first time.....

I was a virgin until about 10:30 this evening when i looked my boyfriend of 3 weeks in the eyes and told him that i wanted to.....i cried after, and he was very supportive, it was just the initial shock of poof my virginity was gone. But you know what I LOVED IT!!! and i will continue to the passion that we had consumed my very soul. I don't regret it.....quite opposite I have embraced it and decided i want more ;)

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  • Take it in the ass first. It'll hurt less.

  • YES! Another s***!!

  • not a s***, considering i have managed to hold on to my virginity until 18 and 90% of my friends lost their virginity when I was in 9th grade. So you know what f*** you.....no wait i really should since i am a s*** and all.

  • get in there love ;) i'm glad you don't regret it, no one ever should. I hope you two last

  • I hope so too. He is the nicest guy I have ever met in my life and he really cares for me.

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