I cheat on my husband and I don't care what you think

I have cheated on my husband numerous times since we got married three years ago. I'm not even certain our child is his. My husband is a gentle, caring man and he keeps me grounded. But I have this desire for excitement and danger I can't seem to ignore. I sort of blame men because every one knew I was married and that never slowed them down a bit. The only thing that even makes them pause is when I add more danger to the situation. I have screwed guys in my house while my husband is sleeping, I have let guys come in me then had s** with my husband right after. I have slept with his best friend and the guy who lives next door to us. But I still give my husband as much s** as he wants and it's better than he's ever had, that's for sure. If you say I should leave him then you don't understand. I really do love him and want to be with him 4 ever but I also need more. Men are dogs for always wanting to f*** me even though I am married.

Feb 11, 2011

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  • Honey it’s not the mens fault, they know you and that you’ll give it up. I’m betting your husband already knows about your cheating and doesn’t care. If you’ve slept with his best friend I guarantee your husband knows all about. Most men like sliding into a freshly f**ked p***y and most men can tell when it’s been used. I’m betting he’s been enjoying it since you first cheated and didn’t want to ruin your fun

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  • C** f*** me you dirty cheating s*** c***, an feel ur c*** with my seeds so you can end up pregnant again u f****** wildwhore

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  • I don’t know why you the men are dogs, you are the one spreading your legs for them but I understand women have the same needs as a man. If I were you I would only have s** with someone you’ve known a long time as not to bring home a disease to husband. You said you have slept with his best friend and the neighbor, I’m betting he already knows you have been cheating. He probably secretly set it up so you could have s** with them both. He most likely enjoys having s** with you after you been with another man but just doesn’t know how to tell you, he could even be bi himself. Has he ever ate you out after you’ve been with another man. Trust me a man knows when he’s getting sloppy seconds

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  • I have to disagree that it’s just the mens fault, it’s yours to honey. You just sound like a woman that has a high s** drive. I’m pretty sure that your hubby knows he’s getting sloppy seconds trust most men can tell and truthfully we love the way it feels especially if you come home and have s** with him right after another man has c** in you. I suggest you talk to him about it and let him know that you want to another man in your martial bed with him, if not then just keep having fun but be careful and chose wisely so that you don't bring home an STD

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  • Yeah, those men are the ones that made marriage vows not to cheat. Not you. F*** them for not stopping themselves, right?
    If I saw you in the wild, I'd do the same. Pump 'n' dump. If possible I'd also like to get you pregnant as many times as you'd like. But I would never wife you. Call me a dog, I don't care what you think of me. Just let me c** inside.

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