I cheat on my husband and I don't care what you think

I have cheated on my husband numerous times since we got married three years ago. I'm not even certain our child is his. My husband is a gentle, caring man and he keeps me grounded. But I have this desire for excitement and danger I can't seem to ignore. I sort of blame men because every one knew I was married and that never slowed them down a bit. The only thing that even makes them pause is when I add more danger to the situation. I have screwed guys in my house while my husband is sleeping, I have let guys come in me then had s** with my husband right after. I have slept with his best friend and the guy who lives next door to us. But I still give my husband as much s** as he wants and it's better than he's ever had, that's for sure. If you say I should leave him then you don't understand. I really do love him and want to be with him 4 ever but I also need more. Men are dogs for always wanting to f*** me even though I am married.


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  • Yeah, those men are the ones that made marriage vows not to cheat. Not you. F*** them for not stopping themselves, right?
    If I saw you in the wild, I'd do the same. Pump 'n' dump. If possible I'd also like to get you pregnant as many times as you'd like. But I would never wife you. Call me a dog, I don't care what you think of me. Just let me c** inside.

  • I was kind of relieved to find out my wife was cheating on me. I caught her f****** a friend one time, right when he was c****** inside of her. I had been giving the same guy blow jobs for a couple years, so I had no room to complain.

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  • Such a boring hubby that while i cheat and love it

  • He can go f*** his self once a cheater alleays a cheater thats while i cheat and love it

  • You are there for your husband and that’s all that matters.

  • Nope, it's not the men's fault, it's yours. You're a s***. No worries though. F*** as many guys as you want. It's your life.

  • I would love you to take you to a public place. A park, movies, a photo booth, in your bed, in a mall... or any other place. Giving you every drop. F****** you multiple times in till I dry nut. Pulling a butt plug in your p**** to make sure as much of my nut stays in your p****. Then when you husband gets home you tell him your h**** and really want him to eat you out. Well he is down there you sneak your photos out and record him eating my nut of of your p****. Ill send you a video of my girl cleaning your p**** off my d***. PS you have to be off birth control and when this happen.

  • I would like to f*** you while your husband is on the phone. I want to hear you lie to him and tell him you're not doing anything. Tell him you love him while you're being used like a cheap w**** by another man. Then hang up and tell me how much better it feels when I f*** you. I want to c** on your wedding ring and watch you lick it off. I want to f*** your a****** until you can't walk straight and send you home to sleep next to your clueless husband while I slowly leak out of you. And I would make you tell me what you're doing and what you are. You're a cheating w****. So say it. I want to hear you say "I'm cheating on him" while I f*** you. I want you to say "I'm a cheating w****." Now, go do what you do best and get laid. You deserve it. You deserve a reward for all your hard work. Have as much fun as you can and don't ever regret cheating on your husband. That's that's what makes me want you. I like you just the way you are. Don't ever change.

  • I would love to f*** you well your obvulating and send you home with a huge load dripping out of your p****. When you get home rub what c** came out on to your p****. Then sit on his face and we'll he his eating u ask him how it tastes and how wet it is. Every time you feel my c** dripping out and in to his mouth say there you go baby. We make a video of trying to get you pregnant. I want us to know its not his. It would be my biggest fantasy

  • From the OP -- I love the way you think! I love the infidelity and the illegitimate child. I would open my legs to a man like you every time I got the chance. You are one severely hot piece! DAMN!

  • Well we are going to have to find a way to get together. I want you p**** so bad. I get rock hard think about doing this!

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  • How are men the dogs ? You’re the dog darling.

  • I believe that the term is "b****".

  • I would f*** you, and I wouldn't give a s*** about your marriage. Hot women need to be f*****, so that's what I do.

  • Your a piece of s*** b****** you ruin people’s lives without a thought about what the consequences for their families & their future will be .
    I hope you get CANCER & DIE a very painful death .
    YOU C- NT !!!!!!

  • No need to misunderstand as i am making love with your husband already

  • How dare you cheat on me you evil b*tch. After all we have been together, you broke my heart !!!! *crying* you will regret it. Now i am gonna have incredible s*x with all my female co workers. ooo yeah! you can have all the children as they are not mine .

  • My wife cheats on me but I love it. I don’t tell her I know, she’s always willing to have s** with me. She only cheats during the day when I'm out.

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  • Fake

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  • My wife is a b**** like you, if caught her cheating multiple times. We have children, and I'm devoted to them, not her.

    I got my revenge. I'm no better than you. I've gotten two women pregnant, and the b**** wife doesn't know that I now have children outside of marriage. One woman was a quicky, and wanted nothing to do with me. The other is a keeper, and when my youngest child with my wife is done with college, I'm leaving for my girlfriend. She's the one I love.

  • That is sexy as h***. i hope they are raising your love children. your affair products.

  • It is so common these days for husbands and wives to have s** with others while married. Many times over the years I have learned about women who I would have never guessed would do it . Marriage after a few years gets so boring with the s** life. Many couples develop arrangements for a more satisfying s** part of marriage. I have close friends, a married couple who are totally in love but he has ED problems and a couple of years ago, he discretely talked to me about helping with his wife. She had always been very friendly with me and it has worked perfectly. We drive to another city several miles away and meet at a motel and spend the day and night together. We are not in love but enjoy each others company and wonderful s**. So, each month we spend 24 hrs. together and she helps me and I fulfill her needs.

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of. If I may ask... are the guys you have been cheating with better hung than your husband? If so... you have nothing to 'confess'. You only live once, right? The best thing to do is keep loving your husband. At the same time, be extra careful to make sure that he doesn't find out you've been cheating. That way you can have the best of both worlds - a loyal guy who is kind and yours exclusively - and all the variety and huge sizes that are out there. Make sure you enjoy it! Make sure he never finds out. That would be my advice. If he goes down on you after you've made love with a stud, just explain that it's your salty juices he's tasting, ok?

  • Are you a ferengi?

  • Sounds like my ex wife . you couldn't pay her to keep her panties on . she made a p*** star look like a beginner. Cherokee and Latino and hot as h*** . so a wife like you would be just fine . I mean if you cant beat em might as well join in .

  • That's not love! You're just a selfish b*tch!

  • Me to. Five affairs in five years. I love a hard c*** cannot say no. Art of the seduction. Enjoy. Be safe. And to the others butt out.

  • You go girl!

  • I wonder do she love hard long black c***

  • You're a w**** diseased c***

  • You're a who're diseased c***

  • You're a b****!!!!!

  • I've done the same. I love the risk and I'm happy to.

  • Unless if you have an open marriage, in which BOTH you and your husband are okay with extra-marital affairs, then you're just a selfish b*tch and do not deserve to be married.

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  • You sound like me. I also love my hubby very much but have had long relationships with a couple of his friends. I have recently been diagnosed with "BPD". It talks about this type if behaviour as a common thing with bpd's. I have only had s** with "friends" which I feel safe and secure and liked. Never a dirty one night stand.

  • Hi nothing wrong with your desires may try to bring him into the picture and get hints join you

  • After we got married I purposely stopped dieting because I love to eat, and of course got quite fat. Well, as I got fatter, the s** gradually decreased as my husband became less and less attracted to me. So I started f****** around; there are actually a lot of men out there who love to f*** fat chicks. I also think my husband is f****** around too, since he has had more and more "late nights" at the office. I don't care, since we never f*** each other anymore. In the mean time, I just keep getting fatter and f****** more men.

  • My kind of real woman, enjoy.

  • Love it. keep fokin .i sure u hav a fat azz

  • I've been married for 15 years and I can't stand my f****** wife. The only thing that keeps me on board is my son otherwise I would have been long gone. With that being said,

    I've cheated on my wife for the past 10yrs and that's what helps me being sane. Yeah, it's not right to cheat but that f****** b**** deserves it!

  • You're the b*tch!

  • Once you cheat your feelings will never be the same.

  • Well I can't say I'm really onboard with the whole cheating scenario but it's not my boat. Deception generally isn't the best ingredient for a healthy marriage. I don't cheat on my wife, I couldn't see myself hurting her like that. She's a great loyal person. But the thought of her having relationships with other guys has always been a turn on for me but I can't get her to go with it, not really anyway. She did for a short while but all the guys she found were such f****, they would always try to tell her that I was cheating or I didn't love her or some BS that she knew wasn't true. Yeah all that crap turned me off for a while to it too, but in the end I love my wife and ultimately get turned on letting her play with new toys. If the role was reversed and she liked me to play I'd probably make p*** movies for her full time just to get her off.

    A lot of you are asking yourself wtf is wrong with this dude, he wants her to do what... Ha ha ha Ok I'll give you a little brief on it not that it will help the closed minded understand but others it might give some insight.

    Whats the word everybody likes to use for this, oh yes, cuckold. Well I certainly don't think of myself that way, since most of the cuckold stuff I've seen always involves some dude getting his gay fix in the end. For me it has nothing to do with the guy, as a matter of fact I don't even notice him assuming she recorded it or something or I can see her. The biggest turn on for me about it is watching her excitement and pushing the envelope with it. I'm just not a jealous person, I leave jealousy for everybody else to work out in their bucket of insecurities. I'm very solid and know exactly what I like and why I like it. It's because I love my wife so much and because of that love I like to see her smile and make her happy anyway I can. I feed off of her happiness and excitement and get a rush from giving it all to her. It is purely about her!

  • I fully agree with you. I am also married to a man i love very much who is 13 years older than i am. But I love the variety and adventure and danger of f****** other men. I do it all the time with whoever I can. My husband has come home to find men in the house but we have always played it off as just friends who are visiting; he has never caught me in bed with anyone. And yes, it is the best feeling to have my hubby f*** me right after another man has c** in me. I suspect my husband must suspect that i'm f****** around, but he hasn't said anything, so I will just keep on doing it. He still gets all he wants, I still love hime, and want to stay with him, so no harm, no foul.

  • Yesssssss, he is for sure a lucky hubby to have a real hotwife, just guessin , he knows but he too enjoys what you and him have.

  • Trust me, your husband knows. He just hasn't made a big deal about it because he's getting something out of it too.It turns him on too. He probably blows his biggest loads when he has sloppy seconds. I'm a guy and have met men like your husband.

  • I found out my wife had been f****** several guys at her work, but she had earlier found out I was f****** girls at my job. We talked about it and decided that we obviously were OK with what each of us were doing, so we're staying together and will each keep seeing other f*** partners. It's turned out to be a quite perfect arrangement. BTW, she loves to come home with c** in her c*** and have my then f*** her.

  • Best of all f***** !

  • Men are dogs? Honey, your a w**** for cheating and a s*** because you want d*** all the time.

  • Such a w**** if the husband knew and he still kept you, well one of two things: he loves you a lot or he's like well now imma be your p*** and make some money off this b**** and then you'll be a stanky hooo yeaaaahhhhhhhh hahahahahaahahah. Dc any sane man would drop yo ass or do the later.

  • Congratulations you have found your calling in life, whoring around on your husband. It seems that beyond that your only achievements in life listed as the following: having a kid thats not his , claiming you love your husband but lieing to him about the whole time, and f****** half of stillwater or whatever ever city your in, go team. Your b***** fantastic and here's how it ends he finds out and leaves you then leaves your ho ass on the streets completely destitute.

  • I love my girlfriend coming home after she's been f******, something about sliding your c*** inside an already c** filled , swollen p****. However! She knows the two or three guys and all are married and although not 100% safe in terms of std's / sti's I know she wouldn't touch them if she wasn't sure about their cleanliness and health, in the last person in the world who would want anything nasty in my body that is inevitably going to lead to my death.

  • I understand..I dont feel alone about this now that I know others are like me. I love my husband with all my heart. But I too enjoy having s** with diffrent men. It is not because my husband does not satify me or that I am unhappy. I simply love the feel of diffrent c**** in me. It is not personal it is just fun, and I crave it. Thaks for not judgeing

  • My wife says the same too, she loves variety in love makin and good s** with other men.

  • Your on in a million sweetheart . you are an awesome wife . why ? because you are honest . and that puts you out front . thanks

  • Your the one to keep on here . the others complain and pass judgment on you because they aren't getting it at home . or they want to do what you are doing and that is enjoying life ! I would love a wife like you , no questions asked .

  • Wow! I wish you were my wife and let me watch. pin_hose69@yahoo.co.uk

  • That's disgusting! You say you love your husband and you have unprotected s** with multiple guys and then sleep with him.That's dangerous bc you are possibly exposing him to STDs and all those who support her and say that its okay or you would do it too, you obviously missing some moral backbone. Marriage is a sacred covenant and it should be respected, you aren't even sure if your child is his. When he finds out bc he definitely will (if he doesn't already know) he will be heartbroken. I wouldn't be surprised if he already knows...when a guy truly loves his woman he can anticipate her actions and often watches her closely and knows when she is up to something. Women really aren't as good at hiding things as we think we are.

    I have been married to my sweetheart for several years and I've never cheated or wanted to cheat bc I love my husband and he does everything I ask for and more and the s** is never boring bc the passion, chemistry and intimacy is there. That has only gotten better with time.

  • I 100% support you. I love my husband dearly, but sure I've had impulses about other men. I haven't acted upon it yet, but posts like these give me courage to go out and try life. Everybody on here calling you a w**** and a s*** has obviously not had to experience the sexual boredom that is marriage. thank you for trying life and inspiring me. The thing is I know my husband sees other women. I am absolutely fine with it. I know he loves only me and that is what marriage is truly about. He is allowed to enjoy more of life's beauty. I am too.

  • I hear both of you ladies and each of you have a point of view and I respect that. The only thing I find very disgusting and unwise is having unprotected s** with anyone except a legally married spouse. I am not calling s** (with anyone) good or bad but having it unprotected is really silly and potentially suicidal.

    PS: I have also had s** outside marriage but NEVER bare back

  • So WHY stay married you people are so full of s*** how any of you can say 'I love my husband" and I want to or I have "screwed around on him" in the same breathe boggles my mind It iS NOT about you loving him it's simply about having the best of both world and the 1st lady who says I s**** other men then brag about how many and about the baby not being his should be so very proud of herself I guess if she has a daughter she can teach her how to cheat and hurt the one she "LOVES" too since she is obviously so very proud of her accomplishments. I'll wager that if and when her husband finds out and he will she'll pull the crying and I'm sorry card that all liars are good at

  • Obviously a troll.

  • Please stop having unprotected s**. You could catch something and then end up passing it on to your husband. If you truly loved him you wouldn't have cheated on him in the first place. I think your husband already knows that you are cheating on him, and I think the only thing stopping him from tossing you to curb is probably that child he believes is his.

  • I do the same thing. I even have a guy who ducks my but but I don't let my husband.I have gotten f***** and comes up my butt then when and sucked chick SF swallOwed it then went and had my pray eaten out and creampied in and went home and made out.with and ride my husbands c***. And I love f****** in our bed it turns me on. F*** what people.say. I love it.

  • You're a dirty w**** hope you end up with aids and have a painful death. Your poor husband deserves better. The fact you feel ok announcing you don't know who the dad is. Sounds like a cry for help. It's obvious that all the people posting on her that feels it's ok and thinks its awesome are men that want to f*** an easy tramp like you. I wouldn't go near a girl like you. No telling what you have. Yuck

  • You sound like a lovely wife and I would be happy to be married to you

  • Ur a cuckold dude

  • Me too, and i love it

  • I feel the same. I wish you were unhappy in your marriage, because I would totally marry you and allow you to play. You are so incredible!

  • As long as you don't have a problem if he is or begins to do it too, and also that you at least have some thought towards his health as you are putting him at risk, then fair enough. But don't throw a tantrum if you find that he's done it as well

  • You're wrong for having unprotected s** with others, and potentially exposing your husband to STDs. Your wrong for not telling your husband your child might not be his. He probably wouldn't want to support the child or you if it wasn't his. How would you like it if he were out f****** any woman he wanted with no protection, and then coming staight home and f****** you with his nasty, unwashed d***? I doubt you'r as great in bed as you think, your just an easy skanky f***, and b****** like you aren't even a dime a dozen. Your indescretions will catch up with you sooner or later.

  • U know what? if ur husband loves u and is ok with it, if u have that kind of great and understanding relationship, its perfectly normal for women to have s** with more than one guy. better to explore and have fun and come back to your husband and have a great marraige than sit at home miserable and a slave to the same s*** every single day, and it just ruins your love life if not ends your marriage. all the women calling u a s*** and a ho are just mad because thats exactly how their lies are, boring as h*** and they dont have the b**** to have fun. jelous p*****... u go girl.

  • You are complete and utter trash . Your husband probably cheats on you with some big ass bust bimbo you don't know about.

    I hope he leaves you , I hope your kid hates you for the piece of meat you are.

    Aids infested scum

  • You f*** other men wothout regard to his feelings -- and you claim that he keeps you "grounded?" If I was him I'd kick your ass right out the door -- let your lovers feed you.

  • Whenever ur husband realize ur true nature he will kick on ur ass and throw u out of house. Otherwise after kicking ur ass he will leave ur home. I am always ready to f*** women like u. Whenever I f*** a cheated marry lady I f*** her badly made her injured even she can not urinate from her p**** and ass till many days without pain. I f*** her in most beastly and unnatural ways to punish her of her disloyalty.

  • I am not here to judge. I simply want you t see things in another light. Consider what your husband would feel if he knew you had cheated on him...If the pain which he would undoubtedly experience as a result of your actions doesn't cause you to regret them at all, then can you truly say you love him?
    Or... maybe it wouldn't bother him.

  • u are a f****** w**** and will burn in h***. i bet u will cry like a b**** when ur husband finds out and gets ur ass back !

  • I have f***** 3 married women like you. Married women very easy s**. And extremly great lays. ~Stickler~

  • Indeed they are and they love to suck young c***

  • my wife is the same as yours she's extremely sexy with a big butt and firm b**** and i allow her to have s** with different people including my best friends.Its just s** not a big deal i love to see her getting f***** hard by another man

  • I too enjoy my wife giving other guys her c*** and we both dont ever want it to end.

  • Yeah but you know your wife is f****** those other men while her husband doesnt.

  • This is sooooo hot, post more stories :) have you ever been f***** while talking to your husband on the phone? F***** in your marital bed?

  • What do you look like? You must be a knockout if no man can resist you. How are you able to just f*** any guy you want?

  • OP here again. I don't think I'm a "knockout" really. I'm not skinny and I think my butt is too big. I have big b****** that are still fairly firm and I wear clothes that show them off. I think I have a pretty face and I'm bold about talking about s**, making jokes etc. I think guys find me attractive because I am so sexual. They aren't used to women being aggressive and they react to that. I'd say all men are dogs but it's more like they appreciate that a woman takes an interest in them. But getting a guy to have s** is very easy. Some married men are extremely reluctant at first if it is their first time cheating but most end up being willing. For me it usually starts with a sexual curiosity. Can I seduce him? What would he be like in bed? How big is his p****? Is he into some freaky stuff or would he be up for it?

  • I wish I could f*** u so bad

  • I think you're pretty honest, it's quite refreshing and how I feel about a lot of relationships that I've been in in the past and it doesn't always detract from how you feel about the person you are with. At the end of that day I think there are some people you can be caring and emotionally close to and some you can be downright filthy with, plus s** is often better when you don't "know" them too well, less inhibitions.

  • It sounds like even though you say you don't care what ppl think you have a self loathing for your self but mostly for men. You don't sleep around with men bc you need more s** but bc you hate yourself and you hate men. You enjoy using them. I think you know its wrong and you hate yourself for doing it although you may claim you done. I think you need caring and professional help. ~ mystic

  • pls share more experiences how u do it and how he feels when u r slippry with juices of other man

  • OP here. How do I do it? I can tell when a man is looking at me in that certain way. If I find him attractive I'll start flirting. Most of the time they respond and then I need to get bold. With his friend, he was at our house and we drank quite a bit and he slept on our couch. After we all went to bed and my husband was asleep I went out and started stroking the friend under his blanket. He has always been flirty and he jumped at the chance. He was a little freaked out that my husband was in the next room but once we got started I wasn't about to let him stop. I made quite a bit of noise and he kept trying to shush me but he didn't stop or even slow down. The neighbor guy I just told my husband I was going to see a friend and I knocked on the guy's door. He was surprised to see me but I just pushed him inside and told him we were going to f***. He's in the apartment next to ours and we were really noisy. I'm sure my husband could hear but he didn't know it was his wife who was getting f*****. He wanted to use a condom but I said no. He came in me and then I went home and got into bed with my husband and we had s**. I don't know how it felt to him other than loose and messy but he didn't say anything. I've screwed three guys at work, two of them are married. It's all about letting men know your up for it and they go for it. Sure I am a s*** I don't deny that but I think my husband is lucky I am. But think about this, I may be a s*** but few women are and almost all men are. To the person below if I got professional help there's a 90% chance I'd f*** the doctor if he was reasonable looking because guys are just that way.

  • I cant have a relationship with a girl unless she f**** a lot of other guys as well. i want them to be on as many dating sites as they can manage and i try to make them feel bad if they ask any guy to use a condom

  • I would enjoy eating you after you were filled. I am straight but eat my own. I may have a need to accept the situation at first. I had one affair where we had more oral than the regular thing, but that was about two weekends. Don't feel guilty, take it as higher education.

  • Where did you get your stats on more men than women cheating ask yourself who are they cheating with? You have absolutely no feelings one way or the other which may not be your fault plus I am not going to start calling you things as it wouldn't be mature or do any good because I honestly think you don't care. And to answer the question one reader posted about how she gets s** so easy even the forgive these words but I can't think of any appropriate words fat and ugly women can get s** all they have to do is open their legs and some guy married or not will indulge. Even most men will admit as the 1st lady said that they are all pigs because they think with the wrong head most of the time. Plus I don't believe this lady would care if her husband cheated as I said she is emotional less makes me wonder if she is even capable of caring for or loving her own child or childrenyvd8

  • I think s**** are hot it turns me on soooo much cause I'm a s*** tooo

  • How did it happen with the men at work?

  • Your the only one to blame, your just too selfish to take responsibility for your own actions, you sound like a sour up her self b**** I hope your husband leaves you and you grow old and ugly. Take a good look in the mirror the only reason guys want to f*** you is cause your obviously too easy! S***!!!

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