S** addiction

I think I am a s** addict. I also think i am bi sexual. I love s**, i always think about s**, i have random s** with strangers both girls and guys. I have had s** with over 50 girls and oral s** with about 15 guys even givng head to 5 or 6 transexuals that I hired on eros.com. I always think about s**. i dont care who it is, aas long as the girl or guy is hott I will do something with them. I have hired several escorts over the years. I have never been faithful to any girlfriend or wife. I have had several girls in our bed, having s** with girls at work, at hotels, cars, etc. I have an addiction to oral s** both with girls and guys. I love sucking guys c**** and letting them c** in my mouth. I love getting on my knees in front of them and sucking their d***. My new attraction is to transexsuals. I have hired several on a local escort website called eros.com. its amazing. I am infactuated with "chicks with d****". I ablsolutely love eating a girls v*****. I love it and i think about it all the time. I love the taste of c**. I also sometimes on yahoo.com in the chat rooms i will j******* for guys and c** in my mouth for them or c** in a glasss and drink it. I sometimes feel out of control with doing this but i love s**!! I sometimes feel out of control and need to have s**. My girlfriend is soo hot and sexy but sometimes she is not enough sexually for me and that is why i seek out TS to do something different. hot naked chicks and hot guys with bid d**** are awesome!! Do i need help???

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  • I, too, am an addict. Much like you I have never been faithful...never.

    I can't count the people I have been with....women and men.

    I have 3somes, 4somes and more somes. I will do just about anything.

    I, too, hire escorts to f***. But, I also like to be hired.

    In college I started to strip, and have been stripping since. I starter to w**** my c*** out in college. Like you -- if they are hot -- I would f*** them.

    I love f****** fellow hot studs. I love group f******, or sharing p**** with another hot stud...or several hot studs.

    I am addicted to c**. And, I love an audience -- hence my secret stripping life.

    I have even been arrested for f****** in public.

    I like going to gay bars and having circle jerks.

    I love eating p****....I will even eat it after filling it with c**. I love to be watched f****** a girl...and sharing one.

    The things I have done are shocking to most....but while I am still hot and have a killer stud body -- I am enjoying my ultra-secret life.

  • Yes, honestly, I do think you need help. We should never let anything good or bad take control of our life. S** is not a bad thing. It was nnot created as a bad thing, but when it controls our lives and makes us be unfaithful and continue unhealthy practises, then it is too much. I have struggled with a similar problem. Not to the extent of you, but it was and still is difficult. I am a Christian, but don't, I'm not gonna try and shove the Bible down your throat and judge you. I strongly beleive in releasing your fears and problems by telling someone, and when your too afraid or embarassed to tell someone, you can pray. There is always someone who is listening for your prayer. I will pray for you my friend.

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